7 Leading causes of stress

In 1967, Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe, of the University of Washington, conducted a study of the link between major events and illness. As part of that study, they compiled a chart of the main causes of stress. This photo, which contained 43 causes of stress in 1967, was updated to 55 causes in 2006. Appropriate society is finding more causes to emphasize.

If you knew the main causes of stress in your life, would you take action to destroy them? Can you eliminate stress – or is it an inactive condition that will be with you throughout your life, possibly causing your sudden death?

What is your leading cause of stress?

1. Finance

Most studies agree that finance is the leading cause of stress. In an online survey conducted in 2005 by LifeCare, Inc., 23 percent of respondents are named finance as the leading cause of stress in their lives. Financial pressures have led to a list in many modern surveys.

Some people who mention finance as the leading cause of stress indicate the main purchase they need to make, such as a home or a car. Others are stressed by a loss of income or a growing credit card debt. For some, financial strain will occur in bankruptcy. While college students focus on paying for education, Baby Boomers and seniors find retirement income a major cause of stress.

2. Work

Close tied finance as the cause of stress is work. Our jobs or jobs seem to cause constant stress. In the LifeCare survey, 21 percent of them considered responding to the leading cause of life stress.

How does a workplace cause stress? We are concerned about getting and maintaining adequate employment. We are concerned about new types of work or new responsibilities. We strive to climb pathways, a surprise of demands. Living conditions may change, or we may have human problems at work. Students, especially teenagers and university students, mention school work as the cause of stress. Occasionally, the workplace may be seen by others. Sometimes it comes to us.

3. Family

Family, wonderful though all members can be, is also a leading cause of stress. Good intelligence with spouse or other family members. Parents divorce. Children marry. Ebb and the flow of family life is full of stress. Child goes out – aging of parents moves in.

Family health is also a leading cause of stress. A sick family member, severe injury, pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion causes any stress. Other kind of family settings also bring stress. Acceptance, transfer and work for only one family member can cause stress to everyone.

4. Personal concerns

Personal concerns that are only indirectly created by others are other main causes of stress. Lack of control is a list of personal concerns. Every person has a deep desire to control their own lives. When control is weak or missing in a particular area, we experience stress. For many, lack of control over their own time is a leading stress factor. We want to determine when we do projects at home or at work. Keeping a job, participating in the children's divorce at school, taking family to football, shopping, and scouting meetings while trying to keep the home running can create a lot of stress. You want to manage your time, rather than letting others & # 39; requirements control it, but it is not always possible.

We could take part in litigation that causes stress. We might be struggling with bad habits. We could go through changes. Personal change of any kind may be the cause of stress.

5. Personal health and safety

Most people find that personal health is the leading cause of stress. For some, stress is related to obesity and the desire to lose weight. For others, stress is an individual health hazard that must be changed. For example, smoking, abuse of alcohol or other drugs. Sugar or injury, which is less or more severe, can be a leading cause of stress in many people. Urinary incontinence can be a continuing concern. Personal health is more or less stressful depending on how serious and personal the health outlook is.

Personal safety is also the leading cause of stress. Women, more than men, tend to focus on their own and others & # 39; security. Adults tend to focus on more than young people, who can be invincible. Crime is a factor, as is

6. Personal Relationship

Whether it be friendship, dating, separation, marriage, divorce or marriage, the relationship can be a leading cause of stress in many people. We all want love, and it is possibly available in relationships, but getting from A to B can be very stressful. Some resort to online relationships that are easier to handle. Others withdraw and become withdrawals. However, demands for time, finances and emotions can cause continued stress.

7. Death

Probably the most aggressive cause of stress is the death of a loved one or a close friend. Even a dead pet can be stressful. Children are always a source of stress for parents, but when a child dies, stress is overwhelming. The same is true when the spouse's life span takes place.

Work or lose

Causes of stress change when we fire. The stressed child as a tantrum thread becomes a young student, stressed by a bully school. The young student becomes a teenager, stressed by acne, hormones and dating. The adolescent will have a young adult trying to cope with the stress of going home, adapting to college and managing finances. Life takes place in first jobs, marriage, children and so on. Even if you go to a remote cabin in the woods, stress will accompany you.

Knowing the main causes of stress is important. The use of this knowledge to work on unhealthy stress is important.


Stress-Free and Get More

Are you interested in reducing stress? Want to achieve more than doing less? Did you know that with the constant application of one basic principle, can you change the tension in life that is surely exciting and balanced? You have to be much more productive and find more enforcement.

If you think there is a contradiction by saying you can do more by doing less, think again. Have you ever noticed how your performance improves often when you stop trying so hard? For example, you are in an important business meeting and for some reason you just know things are going to work out. You are reluctant to get your views across and you trust. Uncannily, your collections start asking for and listening to your opinion and things are going well. Or you are playing tennis or out on the golf course, playing extremely well and when you look back on the experience, you understand that while you have experienced you stop thinking and start flowing. Everything seemed so easy!

In these two examples, more achieved by doing less. And in fact, there are maximum experiences in our lives, the moments we are going to shine, usually the experience we feel like we do very little or nothing at all. Instead, life passes through us. The quality of the effort is what makes the maximum experience special: much is happening, but we are the device, not the actor.

Peak experience is a moment of flow or being in an area. The effortless flow of quality experience is always accompanied by a sense of profit satisfaction and overall clarity.

For most of us, maximum experiences are the exception rather than the norm. We want to feel more effortless and we are fascinated by people who seem to be generals who have learned how to act as a flow in what they do. Think about Tiger Woods. Despite the great challenges inherent in his circumstances, he almost always looks together and his body is a picture of fluid achievement. He knows that even in the face of great demands, deep relaxation is the key to his success. For example, in an interview several years ago, Tiger Woods described how he worked for many years to gain a lighter and lighter relationship with his golf club, because this neat touch was the key to his incredible control. He focused his attention on relaxing fingers and arms to feel better and focus more on achieving a higher level.

Most designers emphasize maintaining a certain internal position, the status of deep physical relaxation or exercise, as a key to their success. Effortlessly, a physical sensation combines deep physical relaxation with a calm mind and sharp focus. Peak performers know they can't reach high levels without these feelings. They make this physical sense of priority number one and let everything else take second place. They achieve more because they refuse to sacrifice their inner peace to reach each goal.

The reason that most people fail to achieve is that they focus too much on what they need to achieve and too little on how they feel when they are going to succeed. Since they pay so little attention to their inner condition, they end up with everything they need to do, since they come up in the morning until they come home. They assume that it is the price they have to pay for what they have to achieve. But the truth is the opposite!

The more we focus, the more we reach far below our real potential. We live by rules that create the opposite and effortless and effective lifestyle. If you dare to succeed at all costs of your god and instead commit yourself to an effortless lifestyle as the basis for getting closer to you, then you will achieve more success. You have to follow in the footsteps of masters who know that great success is dependent on a high level of internal composition and that the secret to success is to learn to make a physical, mental and emotional relaxation foundation for success.


Avoid Burn Stress – How to Prevent Burn and Manage Stress Effectively

To prevent stress burning, one should be very optimistic and the mood should not define his personality. Indeed, burning refers to a psychological term that suggests diminishing effects and chronic fatigue. Almost every category of people can easily fall into the grip of stress burning.

While basically burning problems related to work and to prevent this problem, try to avoid the following issues:

* Depression

* Get into conflict

* Work continuously without it to take a break

* Turn on the inner self to prove itself

* Moodswings

* Neglect past claims and obligations

* Avoid cutting problems

* Burnout syndrome

* Avoid social interaction

] Understanding the main causes of tension is very important as it can be a serious threat to your progress. So in order to maintain a healthy and carefree life, one should know how to effectively prevent burning and managing stress.

In order for this to be very cautious and aware of the following points:

* From where the pressure is coming and why it is coming to you : Before running any critical action need to know the sulfur where the pressure is evolving. Try to fix it and avoid stress before it is too late.

* Too little time but too much labor : Sometimes too much labor can be the main cause of excitement. Under such circumstances, you should try to cool down your proposed plan and manage stress effectively. Turn down your commitments so you can really shape the tasks that are already in your hands.

* Organizational Problems and Politics : Try to focus only on your field of work. Indeed, just don't pay attention to any outside factors that might hinder your strength and your work in the long run.

* Be aware of your skills : Try to focus on other factors that could help you manage stress effectively. Communicating and sharing your problems with others can be of great help in this case.

To manage stress, one can observe three main factors:

* Acceptance Oriented : Accept the fact when you have no sense or power to control it.

* Emotional Oriented : When we do not tend to change the situation, we should look for support for other options, ie. otherwise interpret it.

* Action : In this case, one can avoid stress burning by reversing it and changing the situation by its priority.


BALANCE: The best defense against stress!

Stress is like a rubber band stretched to the limit. Without the pressure coming up, he will snap. Harvard Health Sciences says: "Severe, persistent stress … adds" wear and tear and "ultimately diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes." Release the rubber band … by restoring the balance of your life.

Some stress is really useful: it encourages and stimulates us. But when stress is uneven, our problem begins. Many of us are labeled for stress. Steve says: "Stresslessness is a professional suicide in my field. We are all so interchangeable that you just suck it up and try to hide stress."

Imagine two people who have a weight on a pole between them. If your weight falls into one person, her weight gets heavier! But if she pushes the weight, the load is in a hurry and becomes much easier to carry. Balance: Learn how to push unwanted stress so you can live without breaking.

There are three fundamentals of all stress: fear, worry, and doubt. Whether it's a timely proposal at work, a big check by clearing your bank account, a child who is leaving later and later or even a "fun" push, like a dinner for a group of friends.

You don't have to drop your load, just balance it. When things become unbalanced, stress becomes overwhelming.

As the Lord Krishna says, "Yoga is not possible for one who eats too much or eats too little, who sleeps too much or sleeps too little, O Arjuna." (Gita 6.16)

Let's push everything back into balance, turn the charts and manage stress rather than let it control you! The word BALANCE keeps us focused on our goal:

• Be quiet – you can see this and get through it!
• Always tell the truth. Don't play games; don't lie.
• Allow these moles to be alone; Don't build them in the mountains! Focus on solutions.
• appetite – embracing a balanced diet and lifestyle; Choose a quiet song, not a festive mess. Quiet music lowers blood pressure and reduces cortisol, stress hormone.
• N o – a new response to material desires that lead you away from your goal of BAL-ANCE! Don't try to control everything; learn to say no and let go.
• Communications – Be a good organizer and broker. Speak and Listen: A good relationship ship with friends and loved ones is important for every healthy lifestyle.
• Scape; take a vacation, or just within walking distance of nature. Or escape through yoga, pra-nayam (breathing) exercises, meditation and prayers.

Some claim that they love stress and prosper. "I'm just one of those people who works well under pressure," says Ed. Physiologically, this is impossible! Even though Ed doesn't notice it, the damage is real: a stressed body secreting toxins, weakening the immune system and causing all types of immune disorders including cancer. We get or lose an unhealthy amount of weight. We suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems without realizing it, or from soreness or digestive problems.

Stress can cause you to lose everything: happiness, health, wealth and peace of mind!

With these three quick steps – try them at work! – you can release stress immediately, recover balance in any situation:

1. Take a deep breath. Keep them as long as you can (15 to 45 seconds) and then slowly release. Repeat up to three times.
2. Stay silent for a few minutes. If possible, sit down for a few minutes.
3. Drink a glass of room temperature water.

Lainey is a mom who has learned the secrets of balance and has recently switched to a lower job. "I would rather live cleanly and keep my health – and spend time with my children – instead of making more money and getting sick." A balanced lifestyle is required for stress-free and carefree life and eternal happiness and peace.

If you keep balance in your daily life, your whole life will be balanced. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself."

Prayer releases endorphins and increases the threshold of calm in the body. When you re-emphasize your stress in life, affirmations like "I'm Relaxing" or "I'm Quiet" are beginning to come true as the benefits of inner peace flow to you.



If you have a few minutes (it's really all it takes!), This longer meditation will help you get through the particularly exciting time of your life.

1. Choose a clean, quiet place. Put comfortably, still and straight. Make sure your back, spine, chest, neck and head are straight and aligned (3 inch thick pillow under your hips helps hold back and Spanish straight).

Close your eyes gently.

3. Breathing method: Breath is a source of pure energy (the source of life). The speed of our spirit is proportional to the speed of our emotions. When our minds are quiet, we breathe slowly and vice versa.

• To breathe deeply, breathe slowly and spiritually, "Relax" – 3X (Relaxation)
• Breathe in spirit and exhale:

• Breathe deeply and breathe slowly – 3X (Awareness)
] • Breathe deeply and hold for 10 seconds. Breathe in slowly and spiritually, "Re-salmon" – 3x (Relaxation)
• Breathe deeply for 20 seconds. Breathe slowly and spiritually, "Re-salmon" – 3x (Relaxation – Stress)
• Breathe as a rule. Check and follow your breath from your nostrils as it enters and exits (intervention and exhalation). Do not control your breath. Try to say "Relax" with every inhalation.

4. Find and experience your muscles becoming loose and exciting every time you say "Relax".

5. Relax completely, move from your toe to head. Focus on your toes and then on each part of your body upwards and say "Relax" when you reach every part of your body.

6. You should look at every body of the body, every part of the body (the name of the organs: feet, knees, loins, hips, stomach, thoracic, kidney, liver, intestine, heart, lungs, pancreas, etc.), each of the cells of the body, all DNA, genes, nucleotides, ATCG are relaxed. Get deeper and deeper into all particles, atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, the body, and suffer from relaxation devices. Feel that your whole body is relaxed in energy.

7. Now that you are approaching more and more relaxed conditions, add this confirmation. Say:

• I'm relaxed.
• My muscles are relaxed.
• My body is relaxed.
• My mind is quiet.

8. Check the relaxation of the body, peace of mind. Continue to sit for 10 minutes or more by enjoying this relaxed, calm condition.

9. Rub your hands and put them around the head and body, focusing on a particular area that needs attention. Hold them on your eyes, and then gently open your eyes.


Stress Management – Give Up the Fight!

Stop now! That's right, since you're now, in front of the screen. You can use this opportunity to choose, in the next 3 minutes, to be human & # 39; instead of human "Just let yourself be."

How good you are when "stressing" & # 39; has managed to keep you? Your mind and body are very good at giving you a message to say that "everything is getting too much, something needs to be changed." When we ignore these messages, what happens? They're getting tougher and LOUDER! The message prevents headaches, digestive problems, bad mood, pain, pain, depression and anxiety and the list goes on and on.

Close your eyes now, breathe deeply and breathe slowly through separate lips and just hold it on "# 39; in your mind and body. This may seem a little odd to you at first, but I

  • What kind of thoughts are in your mind?
  • Do you think that just & # 39; but your mind and let your thoughts go, so that you can think of absolutely nothing?
  • How does your body feel now? Take a good time to see how your body reacts to you. What do you see, see, hear and feel?

Set yourself in your jaw.
deep inside and take a slow breath like yours: "It's okay to relax my jaw now. & # 39;

Set yourself in the neck and shoulders.
Breathe in deeply and calmly out for yourself: It is okay to relax your neck and shoulders now. & # 39;

Take your back.
Breathe in deeply and easily withdraw: "It's okay to relax your back now.

Notice your breathing. Put one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Which is the most influential?

Well done, so you have to be more in line with your mind and body and have already taught some simple ways to skip.

Tools like the simple exercise above are invaluable Stress Management Most Stress Management applications look to & # 39; fight & # 39; stress. This approach has never appeared to me because it sounds like one big fight, that would really lead me And that is a much easier way, I can assure you.

Give up "Fight"!

Instead of fighting stress, customers in my stress process go into the consent field & # 39; I learn quick and simple techniques that allow you to release tension in your mind and body in just a few seconds.

This is how it works … customers are encouraged to play with the technology of technology. They choose the ones they think work best for them, thus creating the resource bank that suits everyone with the stressful & # 39; the situation. Whatever in the workplace, at home or out and about, they now have a choice of simple tools that they can use easily and effectively when they feel the symptoms of stress. Here's how one woman describes the process,

"I started adapting to lightness in my body, my feelings of violent restoration I could see what really was It is important to me and then I could easily find ways through my problems .When I feel like life is back from control, people closer to me have noticed how . Most importantly, I am no longer suffering from depression and anxiety that began to really make me inactive. "

To find out how much stress you are under, take my free network Stress Test on www.BerylWhiting.com/ stress.htm and then instead of & # 39; fight against & # 39; it, learn how to handle & # 39; it. Your body will thank you for that.


Workplace Stress Management – 9 Key insights on how to reduce stress at work – Part 1

Stress is a fact of life! Regardless of your profession or profession, make sure that stress situations, individuals, and the environment will all be formidable forces that, except with skill and awareness, will impair your ability to achieve your goals and enjoy the life you seek. Yet, like the Spanish head of sand syndrome, we neglected this fact and neglect investing in learning how to cope better with the myriad of pressures we have to deal with daily.

This series of short articles will look at the phenomenon of stress in our lives from different angles to understand how to be more effective in dealing with pressure in the workplace.

Understanding the stress factor

Like waves on the seabed, stress comes and goes on its own terms. It comes up when we experience conflict and can manifest in the physical, spiritual, emotional, and spiritual stages of our being. Usually the pressure we have is not controlled and the ones we do! Understanding the difference between the two is important for our well-being if we want to minimize & nbsp; negative & # 39; stress that results when we try to control the impossible, worrying about the inevitable and constant arguments of "what is" # 39;

In the workplace, this will be more powerful as we believe we have to perform and always be in charge as this is what we are getting paid. We often fear that our existence and survival depend on our performance and therefore we must produce at all costs. And what are these costs? Usually, overtime we must compromise physically, mentally and emotionally, experiencing increased frustration, anger, fatigue, burning, to name a few! Statistically, stress freedom is the cost of organizations millions, as more and more of us are becoming incapable of this most harmful and harmful foe!

Yet, everything is not lost. Imagine that while our goal of being productive, effective, and effective is desirable and valid, not knowing how to get to it without compromising our health and well-being is what makes training totally transparent. In this 3 part series on insight into workplace management, we will look at the mental, physical, and emotional platforms in terms of how we can learn to work better at the workplace.

3 Main spiritual insight into providing stress in the workplace

1. Attitude towards Aptitude – the most important reality that you must have is that it is not a real stress to manage, but instead, how we choose to connect with the stressor! Note that I have emphasized the word "chosen", because unless we understand that there is always a choice, we will never be able to respond effectively to stress. Often we have the ability to work well and be productive when looking at obstacles such as unreasonable workloads or timelines, we have to lose sight and enter into thoughts of not being good enough & # 39; or & # 39; lose it & # 39;

2. Passion and Purpose – acknowledge that when we do and do work that we do not really want, then we end up pushing us in the direction that is contrary to our hearts. This is not to say that we sometimes have to buckle down and carry out tasks required of us since they do not like them. What it means is that in the big picture, we have to harmonize our work with what our heart desires. This is called our passion and all of us are born with it. We must take the time to explore the inside to show passion and study how we can relate it to our lives. This gives us all our purpose and meaning. And when both our purpose and passion are enabled, we can be empowered to carry out tasks and duties that would have focused on us in different circumstances.

3. Cutting on clutter – knows that clutter is a phenomenon for both your environment and your mind. During my 20 years of workplace management training, complications are usually in the top 3 for what is overwhelming and flowing. I can always determine how much stress a person has by monitoring the space they work or live. But in order to clear this clutter along with physical cleansing, it is necessary to deal with the chaos in mind. I have found that two go hand in hand, and to maintain success in managing the chaos that causes us stress, we must face spiritual and emotional points.

In Part 2 of this series, I will look at 3 main nutritional awareness at the physical level that deals with workplace stress.


Stress Anxiety Management – How Stress And Anxiety Are Like

Stress is the result of normal body reactions that often outweigh the probabilities. The body releases a small amount of adrenaline to cope. When the odds are too high despite the best efforts, the adrenaline begins to fade and the body begins to deplete the resource. This leads to fatigue. Applied man often shows signs of fatigue.

Adherence to anxiety is not uncommon. The likelihood of stress, a little anxiety is good as it helps us to cope with the circumstances we face. Prolonged exposure to stress congestion causes chronic stress. Excessive anxiety can lead to anxiety disorders. Anxiety is characterized by fear, concern and discomfort. It is also noteworthy that stress is generally associated with depression and anxiety.

A perfect example of stress and anxiety to go together is a student facing an exam. The test is stress that encourages the student to learn while fear of failing the test causes anxiety. The student is afraid of failing the exam and allows him to stay all night and learn. Anxiety feels the moment before the student joins the exam and stress feels when he or she exits.

Stress and anxiety are both responses to emerging situations. Response rules and relaxation are also recommended for anxiety. Kalmness emphasizes anxiety but stress; then with anxiety, we have a tendency to be unable to continue. Most stress training methods work with anxiety. Respiratory and relaxation methods can help combat anxiety.

Since stress and anxiety are usually combined, either can prevent both from preventing both. Even practical stresses can work well with anxiety. Most patients are amazed at how they do too much to emphasize. Awareness and appropriate stress response stress emphasize stress and extreme anxiety.


Choice and confidence

It is interesting to examine and investigate the matter of choice, is it not, as we make choices every day, better or worse.

So what's the choice? Let's look at the dictionary: the act of choosing between two or more options. Very well, you might think. But if there is something that is truly valid, then there are two options that exist – to meet the criteria – equally equal to the probability of balance, otherwise nothing but power, choosing one over another. Being forced to choose is not a choice! Do you see?

True choice is not biased, bias is powerful and leaves no choice. Since the choice is as desirable, it is a true choice. Then you can definitely choose and the choice is not consumed by you! That's what I'm trying to move! But it is so hard to see, because we are used to being forced to choose, and we lose the ability to distinguish between true choices and compulsions. Have you ever heard of saying, "I have nothing but …?" Well, that's what I'm talking about. And sometimes this is true. But not as a rule of thumb. Here's why.

Some form of knowing, clue competition. If I want to know if I'm beautiful or ugly, what do I do? I compare myself to someone. And if I've been conditioned to believe I'm ugly, because the statement is true, I will compare myself to beautiful people and vice versa; If I have been conditioned to believe that I am beautiful, then I am dealing with ugly people. However, I can develop an objection to the purpose of comparison, so I keep my faith. Where is the choice?

What kind of comparison destroys Individuals, what I am really, apart from words, comparisons, and descriptions. An individual is an innocent act of perception in which comparison is the act of derivative outcome. I am not a consequence, whether mathematical, linguistic or some kind of deduction. I am a living being, I started, continue and succeed. No description of any kind can completely describe me, divide or represent me. But language is misleading, beware!

True choice begins with: "If it doesn't matter, then I choose …". If that matters, you are not choosing, you are not free, you are obliged. Your choice is limited and the restriction denies very freedom. How subtle and how dangerous! Next time you make a decision, ask yourself, "If it doesn't matter, what would I want?" And be honest, you will know the answer to that. Look where you are forced to make a decision: You will know that the right to choose is free or yours. If you choose against your will, it is dangerous because your will and freedom are degraded and your control is transferred from inside to outside.

Your center moves out and you feel the manager rather than being in control. And you feel like a fish with a hook in your mouth and want to save you but find it impossible. You are in the mercy of the outer world and the result is guilty. Have you ever been guilty? Now you know why. Because the decision is made for you and you are expected to commit yourself. And all the moves against hope offer the feeling of doing wrong.

How can something that is really desired, it is good for you, to be wrong for you? Since when is our case responsible for our choice? Being the author of our lives? Own and honest authors, not the feeling that the world is falling apart and I will do what is asked of me to hold it together?

You may have heard of Freud and Superego. That's where the guess comes from. The Superego is our so-called "social conscience" which means that we draw a line and give the pressure to be consistent. And consistency destroys the announcement of freedom, being the author of your life. When this freedom is taken from you, you become a sheep, a servant of society, which is the community that wants from you.

Follow the instructions of elite elite, upper class, policemen and dating. And in part, that's where addiction in all forms arises. It depends on the outside source for our happiness and well-being. Who can be a drug, a person, an organization, a religion, etc. It makes you powerless and hopeless because any kind of consistency is a kind of reliability. They are one and the same evil that makes you powerless, dependent and frightened.

Krishnamurti, a well-known philosopher of philosophy said: "… to the psychological interior, we are aware of our answers? Are we aware when we are not telling the truth when we look in double when we say one thing and do something else , when we quote others? You follow this whole phenomenon of being used, which is to be traditional, that is fit – according to the example. "And why do we need examples? Isn't that consistent, because it's not imitation, fear, power, and follow-up? Everything that is traditional. We've got thousands of examples – right? And we want to be. And thus, the affirmation, not verbal, is essentially power. Traditionally, the consequences of authorization, consistency, imitation, the following. "

Joseph Campbell, a well-known scholar, put it this way:" If you follow your bliss, put yourself on some kind of path that's been there all the time waiting for you and the life you bought to live When you see So, you start to meet people who are in your field, and they open the door for you. where you didn't know they were. "

My friend, starting to live your life from within, being the author of your life rather than a follower. You will surely know who you are and where you are on the road. Take your own path and not in the footsteps [19659002] The universe made you unique, not clone.When you truly live from within, honestly and unashamedly, without guilt and pressure, you will discover the true nature and that your true nature is also the nature of another: living will be effortless and life happy, the world will turn to beauty and you will be full of the taste of love.

Johnny Atman


Roaming Fingers – A story about the sexual breakdown of their children

We've all had our "stories" to tell about our growing lives. Some have enjoyed loving childhood as they had their home mum, who had homemade cookies ready for them as they walked in from school, ready the clothes ready for the day, and had dinner on the stove. Dads came home, everyone sat at the table and used a delicious meal that Mom had prepared, and then the children were telling their dad the other day when they were cleaned. Some had parents who encouraged them, helped them with their homework after dinner, and spent time with their children the next day. You know, one of those "Leave It to Beaver" type of families. Then, those who were my only parents for one reason or another … were usually divorce or death. Or what about those who were living with alcohol or drugs parents who were not really "parents" at all. The kids were basically on their own, raising themselves, defeating themselves and making the most of bad situations.

I don't know why I'm sharing this now. I just feel sorry to let someone out there know you're not alone! That you can live a normal life. I have been molested by 4 different men aged 8-14. But, the Lord God Himself, led me through all this. I have been redeemed and washed by the Lord's blood. I no longer need to live in my molestation that takes more responsibility for me.

I was one of those kids who had my own "unique" circumstances when I was growing up. My parents divorced me when I was 7, because my dad moved out when I was 5. I was the oldest of our three. We moved to small towns to live closer to my grandmothers, my parents' parents. We moved from the larger Metropolis Denver, CO, to the small town of Julesburg, CO. First, when I was younger, I made my friend's lifetime with the girl who lived on the street from my grandfather and # 39; s house. This was the summer before our 2nd grade school year. In our time, our lives seemed somewhat "normal" to play children, or pretend to be teachers at school or to build antennas …

But in my lifetime, many things happened that made me as I am today. I can't start telling you what my life was and doing it justice! There are so many more stories I could tell you! For one, we moved and lived in 27 different places since I was 7-18. I went to 11 schools at the age of 12. I think what happens to us so often, I meditate on the idea that "I can make friends better soon, because we are sure we move and I have to go." I believe my sister taught that "why you are making friends because we were moving anyway." And my brother, well being a boy, holding a friend wasn't so big in a contract, and he made friends pretty easy, but it wasn't as much a matter for him as it was for us girls.

When I was 8, my mom started dying a Japanese farmer in our area, soon to be hired, with the surname Kinoshita. As you can imagine, our 3 kids made a fun of that name at that time by deliberately saying it, Kin-O-Shit-A. Mean, weren't we? Well, this is the first time I think I'm sexually abusive. After dinner, my mom would go to the kitchen to wash dishes in her house and 3 of our children and her boyfriend lying on the floor watching TV. Well, her pernicious, would use this time to "rub my stomach." Now I was 8 years old, so I had to rip my bathroom after dinner, seemed very odd to me, but I thought okay, I suppose this is normal? It made me uncomfortable, but my mom said he was just trying to be good. Okay, so nice it was … I guess ?? But then they got the bread, turned into "roaming fingers" and climbed a little higher and a little higher. Soon my rubbing will be breast protection. Imagine now, I had hardly begun to develop, but still had enough that made me incredibly uncomfortable! My mom had said she really wanted this marriage because he was financially well away, and so I was about to leave home so I didn't have to lie on the floor and watch TV, but somehow he kept me in and my mom had told us several times that she didn't want this relationship to be offered to our children. Then I thought the mouth lid, until one day, on my way home from school, I let everything out for my friend. She went home and talked to her mother. I didn't know what they were talking about, because her parents felt only Spanish, so I didn't think much about it. However, her mom, having heard what was going on, assured me that they were there for me and that this was something I needed to talk to my mom about right away. So with my friend and mom sitting there, I called my mom and told her what had happened. I don't know much about how my mom and her new fiance were actually told, but I know she broke up with him. However, my friend's mother said he was a police officer but her mom said it was pointless to call the police because "he was so rich that he could have the town, so no one would believe you anyway. you, "she said. So life continued as "normal". Okay, normal as normal.

Then my mom met a younger boy who might come over in the morning and stay with us when she started working at. 6:00 am in the truck and left at 6:00 am to work the evening switch there, and would stay with our three children for the day, as our "babysitter". Oh, he was fun, would make us breakfast, take us to school or in the park to play on the playground and chase us around the house and play punch monsters. But when he first came home to the house this morning, instead of climbing into my mom's bed to sleep for a while, he would climb to bed with me. Why? Well, they were "roaming" again. From that time on, these fingers went up and down. I was 9, and he was 21. What did I have in this age so enticing? I hadn't even begun to physically develop yet for good reasons !!! This usually went on for a few weeks. I told my mom, but she thought that having been through this with her captain, I needed something I did to encourage these guys. "So, even though he stopped watching us, I remember he was dead. I did. I couldn't help me. I just wanted him dead so he could never do something like that again! A few months later, while He was working at the electric company, and his partner decided to start drinking a little beer at lunch, well, Curtis had climbed the rod to work on certain wires that caused the trouble and was the battery. have drunk, was not practical enough to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, I knew it was all I did! I had waited and asked him to die, and he had. You see, it was all my fault … I would have liked it and prayed for it. I just knew it was my fault. I argued for guilt for many, many years afterwards. Someone was dead and it was all to be taught

In fact, we had family friends who had been friends with him and his wife for many years, and we usually love to go over to his house. She was like a mother to our children and we could persuade his husband to play games with us, read stories, etc. You should have heard him read one of the Dr Seuss books again! It was a riot! And it was the tongue thread to read from the front back, let alone read it back to the front! And we used to love playing it for big Macs at Burger King! So, needless to say, we would often go home to them. Usually, however, I got a big bed with his wife because we always went to sleep much earlier than he did and he hit the couch when we were or on the slopes of the bedroom. His wife would usually send me in to wake him up when it was time for us to come up each morning. That's when these famous "roaming" would start roaming again. I was between 10 and 12 at most times. But, without telling my mom, (remember how she had decided the last time I should be enticing these "men") that it was enough, there must be something about me, and once again I was teach.

We were quickly back as we had done many times before, and we didn't see them as often as we had before. It was at the beginning of our 8th grade, so I was in one school there in Jr. High, and suddenly went to CO and went on a good day. My mom had broken up with a trucker guy she was dating, a real candy guy who used to put candles in the ring in our basement and call on the spirits from the Mojave dessert. So we packed up as soon as we got home from school that day, only took our very important belongings (and I mean very few), and our cats and loaded up the little U-haul trailer and some of us started out with no where exactly in mind. My mother suggested IA, so we went west. We ended up in Council Bluffs and out of money. So, this is where we decided to stay.

Of course, we have changed school again, at least and we started another school in Council Bluffs, but we made one room cabin with 2 double beds, one bathroom, a crock pot for cooking and three cats. We started at one school, but were "poor kids" and didn't fit well. But again, we moved. This time it was good. I started in 9th grade, but on a different school. This school was much better, much more acceptable, far less judicial and important, and we were not rated "low school" here.

Finally I was 14 at this time. Last year before I got to school. I was so excited! I was finally growing up, started wearing makeup, fixing my hair and thinking about the big "B" word … BOYS !!! We were living in a house near the school, so it was within walking distance. My mom was working at one of the nearby cars. But the money was dense, so my mom bought a car driver home to live with us to pay the bills. Well, this guy was 28. My mum worked all night on the truck and Terry would be home most nights and on days running mostly. Well Terry immediately noticed me. Imagine I was just 14 years old. My sister and I shared a bedroom, my brother had one left of us and over the room was a Sue room (girl / lady in early 20s from Indiana), someone Terry had found herself walking one day on her trip outside town and came home to us to stay with us too. Then there was one person to pay the bills. But to get to the bathroom we had to walk through a little corridor and we had to go through the Sue room to get there. Then to the left was a bathroom, and then to the right was the Terry bedroom. My mom was on the hill. Between the bathroom and Terry's bedroom was another door. The door locked from the Terry side of the room, but not from its room into the bathroom. Well in the evening, when Terry thought all our kids were sleeping in bed, he would come into my room, and once again, after night, these famous "roaming" boys of another boy were starting to travel. He would come in with a condom, already ready for what I think he was expecting. He would ask me to put something "sexy". I didn't have anything "sexy" because I was 14 and "sexy" wasn't something I was thinking about at this point in my life. Heck, just getting my taste to look good this morning and curling my hair for school was like "sexy" as it was. His fingers pointed out places I didn't know existed. I used to pray, "Please sir, let him think I'm really sleeping and going tonight." Or I ask, "Please, sir, let my sister wake up so that she will make enough noise or something he goes away and leave me alone." He never came to the stage where we were actually forced to have a lasting sex on me, but at night we went through this ritual. The night after night, he wanted to go back to his room, and I would cry badly to sleep. Tonight, I wanted my sister to just wake up, just this once. But she never seemed, or thought, until many years later when I found out she said she was afraid to let us know she was awakened because she was afraid he would come to him next time. I can't blame her for that. I wish I could even stop him, but that was not the case.

Well one day, Sue had asked me to take a walk with her to speak. So I did. She started telling me that Terry would come into her room almost every night and do these "things" for her, ask her to "put on something" sexy, "and" roam his fingers "would start roaming with her also … came out … I freed what he had been doing to me, too, enticing kids like this. "I teach again. Well Sue, knowing how young I was, ended up telling my mom after all. so much that he couldn't stand wanting to love me. "Well, my mom told him to pack up and get out of our house. We went to my friend's house for a few days while he was out and because they were single vacation and had someone sit and take care of their pets. So we were there 3 nights and 4 days. going back to "normal" again. Sue and I found so much peace to have him gone. Then one day, about a week later, my mom said she had to go into the defense because Terry wanted to talk to her about something. Then she went and was gone for a few hours. When she returned, she said Terry had convinced her that he did what he did "because he loved me" and she said there was little money to pay as he offered to help pay even more of the bills we had. Then he brought him back to our home with us. For the first week or two, he was very polite, broke out the chairs for me when we sat down at the table and insisted that I buy myself at school so that he could kiss me every day to "let people know I was his. . "At this point I tried to convince myself, maybe he really made me love and that I should be proud and flattered that any 28-year-old would want me, a 14-year-old teenager girl.

Well, a few weeks ago, things had gone back as they were. My mom would go to work all night, and Terry would come back into my room at night, with a condom in his hand, and his steering wheel would return and start roaming up and down, up and down. The words he spoke made me sick. And every night was the same, I would be sick to cry to sleep because I could no longer respond to this in my age, and I should have fun at school, looking forward to my college years, dances, proms, sports events, etc. . But instead I wouldn't see a future at all. One day I had enough, and could no longer take it! I know my mom wanted and needed the money, but I couldn't even think I was okay anymore. I wasn't. I wanted to die. Yes, truly die! If it hadn't been for the Lord to set in my way a certain girl at school, which I soon became the best friend and my science artist, whom I will never forget and always be grateful for, I might end it there. But God obviously had other plans for me. Just when I thought he had left me alone, he gave me a friend and a man who was not only my teacher, but the one who knew me a lot, who knew I was going through a terrible home, waving my tragedy, increasing time I just couldn't focus on my tasks, and someone who could laugh at me. I needed it. It once again welcomed the hope that all people didn't just want me for sex. These older men were not all, and God had put him in my life, like my teacher, just in time.

Today, with the grace of God, forgiveness and compassion, I have forgiven my blood of the Lamb, Lord Jesus Himself. The one who died on this cross many years before so that I can live forever. He who let me out of the darkness and back into the light. Anyone who took away all the harm and distrust of humans. I thank God that although I had to suffer through these terrible times, I learned that it was not my fault that one boy had been battery-dead and died. This part of what these four men did to me as a child was my fault.

The man also says: "If this really happened to Kelly, I think I should protect her more." If this happened? IF?!?! There is no question that they did me! My sister once told her that she knows it to be a fact because she was often in the same bed with me, where we always managed to share a bedroom while growing up. I no longer expect my mother to always take responsibility for what I went through. I know now. I know I have to forgive her so that Christ can forgive me for my sins. But it is truly, and only through God's grace, that I am still here today. It is my prayer that perhaps only this testimony will help others who have gone through something similar or worse that there is hope in Jesus Christ. You're not alone. It is NOT teaching you. Give it to him, since his shoulder is strong enough to take it from you and let you walk freely in his love.

* People's names have been changed to protect those who were involved.


Tony Robbins – Personal Power II – Day 17 – Wealth

"Money is nothing but a way to measure the value of people."
~ Tony Robbins

Many of us have pain associated with wealth in approach / avoidance dance. Because of events in our past, we can call that "year of affection". There can be a lot of sensitivity to financial problems, and if those wounds are not doctors, you can't get tons of capital.

Generally speaking, poverty speaks and lacks the worst in people and abundance of the best. People living in poverty tend to get the highest criminal record, most drug and most dissatisfaction. Being one of a constantly broken group of people doesn't help you or your group. You can do more by becoming wealthy to be able to return.

There are seven reasons why most people never do it financially.

1). They associate negative things with having or making money. Remember, the past is not the future.

2). They don't put up with much money that will be absolute. Without deciding what is a necessity, not an option, how can that be a recovery?

3). Having an effective wealth-building strategy is not for them.

  • managing your money to share your money that will give you great happiness
  • . They cannot keep abreast of their financial goals. Find ways to win your money to work for you, such as activating a composite interest that can take a lot of pressure if you have time to watch it grow.

    5). They rely too much on "experts". There is no one who cares about your money than you do. Experts are valuable, but you need to take care of your money and taxes. If you make mistakes in these types of decisions and planning, you will be totally responsible, not your professional.

    6). They become financially self-evident. Many take their wealth for granted. Whatever you do not use, you will lose. It is a good idea to keep in mind that if you are comfortable with what you have, you can get more and if you do not succeed, then what you have taken is ours. Don't hoard what you have.

    7). They allow financial challenges to go from bad to worse in financial destruction. Most likely, the road to wealth is not a straight line. If and when problems arise, stay in the game and ask great questions to help you get back on track.

    Be ready to transform the crisis into an opportunity. By having a financial faith, you can learn from situations and find even more opportunities.

    The project:

    Give yourself a financial opinion to find out "richness" so you can quickly heal:

    1). Ask yourself to list the views you have that hold you back.

    2). Is there a certain amount of money that is absolute MUST ? Is this number "becoming" for your life, or is it the number ability to live comfortably by paying your current bills?

    3). "Never leave the area to set goals or make decisions without taking action to fulfill it.

    4) Find something today today to begin to feel as you work. can be used to create the financial freedom we deserve.] You can create a list of financial conditions or aspects of financial management that are not fully understood or resources that provide answers to it.

    6 Remember that we talk about self-confidence? Write a paragraph about "why" you follow your plan and avoid independence. Recognize the excuses that you used before. Instructor is the only option now.

    7) What to do delivering us from fear is the belief that we are much more than anything that could ever happen to us financially, writing down one or two situations that seemed very difficult to You pushed thro ugh. Remind yourself that you have the ability to turn challenges into success.

    Sometimes our "pain is humble" to try to heal, but the gospel is that there are ways to heal them. One way is to find someone who has succeeded where you want to be. You can "model" their example if you find out exactly what they did and follow that pattern.

    Take the time to do these exercises will teach you more about yourself. Optimized skills in this lesson will provide you with more ways to do well for success.