Workplace Stress Management – 9 Key insights on how to reduce stress at work – Part 1

Stress is a fact of life! Regardless of your profession or profession, make sure that stress situations, individuals, and the environment will all be formidable forces that, except with skill and awareness, will impair your ability to achieve your goals and enjoy the life you seek. Yet, like the Spanish head of sand syndrome, we neglected this fact and neglect investing in learning how to cope better with the myriad of pressures we have to deal with daily.

This series of short articles will look at the phenomenon of stress in our lives from different angles to understand how to be more effective in dealing with pressure in the workplace.

Understanding the stress factor

Like waves on the seabed, stress comes and goes on its own terms. It comes up when we experience conflict and can manifest in the physical, spiritual, emotional, and spiritual stages of our being. Usually the pressure we have is not controlled and the ones we do! Understanding the difference between the two is important for our well-being if we want to minimize & nbsp; negative & # 39; stress that results when we try to control the impossible, worrying about the inevitable and constant arguments of "what is" # 39;

In the workplace, this will be more powerful as we believe we have to perform and always be in charge as this is what we are getting paid. We often fear that our existence and survival depend on our performance and therefore we must produce at all costs. And what are these costs? Usually, overtime we must compromise physically, mentally and emotionally, experiencing increased frustration, anger, fatigue, burning, to name a few! Statistically, stress freedom is the cost of organizations millions, as more and more of us are becoming incapable of this most harmful and harmful foe!

Yet, everything is not lost. Imagine that while our goal of being productive, effective, and effective is desirable and valid, not knowing how to get to it without compromising our health and well-being is what makes training totally transparent. In this 3 part series on insight into workplace management, we will look at the mental, physical, and emotional platforms in terms of how we can learn to work better at the workplace.

3 Main spiritual insight into providing stress in the workplace

1. Attitude towards Aptitude – the most important reality that you must have is that it is not a real stress to manage, but instead, how we choose to connect with the stressor! Note that I have emphasized the word "chosen", because unless we understand that there is always a choice, we will never be able to respond effectively to stress. Often we have the ability to work well and be productive when looking at obstacles such as unreasonable workloads or timelines, we have to lose sight and enter into thoughts of not being good enough & # 39; or & # 39; lose it & # 39;

2. Passion and Purpose – acknowledge that when we do and do work that we do not really want, then we end up pushing us in the direction that is contrary to our hearts. This is not to say that we sometimes have to buckle down and carry out tasks required of us since they do not like them. What it means is that in the big picture, we have to harmonize our work with what our heart desires. This is called our passion and all of us are born with it. We must take the time to explore the inside to show passion and study how we can relate it to our lives. This gives us all our purpose and meaning. And when both our purpose and passion are enabled, we can be empowered to carry out tasks and duties that would have focused on us in different circumstances.

3. Cutting on clutter – knows that clutter is a phenomenon for both your environment and your mind. During my 20 years of workplace management training, complications are usually in the top 3 for what is overwhelming and flowing. I can always determine how much stress a person has by monitoring the space they work or live. But in order to clear this clutter along with physical cleansing, it is necessary to deal with the chaos in mind. I have found that two go hand in hand, and to maintain success in managing the chaos that causes us stress, we must face spiritual and emotional points.

In Part 2 of this series, I will look at 3 main nutritional awareness at the physical level that deals with workplace stress.


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