What is wisdom? Definition of Life's Success

For nearly as long as time itself, people have been talking about the nature of wisdom and what wisdom is.

Definitions have been from poets to scientists and at this time wisdom, which is a shadowless phenomenon, is undoubtedly unique and highly tangible, compared and confused with all sorts of intangible features, including knowledge, intelligence, strategic ability, humility – and possibly even unrighteous humility, age, experience, and love.

Wisdom is indeed very measurable and I have worked very short, working, practical definitions of it for some time now. Come into America, top philosophy, Ken Wilber, who boldly and clearly says it; "Wisdom is defined as the ability to understand emptiness".

Other than you may now want to know what emptiness is, we have the starting point that will take us out of the state that lazily equates to this most important and valuable of effective qualities with other totally different phenomena and into the mindset where we can really start to understand it first as its own quality, and then used to apply it to succeed in its own life in a very real and effective way!

Emptyness really means pure (empty) consciousness. What we, and the obvious universe, fill this consciousness, are known as "Form". The form contains both physical objects, including people and intangible things, such as people's thoughts, memories, dreams and desires. Then you can think of emptiness and form as the counterparts of the fence.

The problem is that humans look to know themselves directly by "Form" and this is where they do not reach their wisdom and are in what is called "Ego"

Most, so far, live a life while identifying through a false ego; they are engaging in the final part of life; their thoughts, their bodies, thoughts, bank accounts, relationships, jobs, historians, and positions, as they are directly.

These are just things, but when the viewer of these things is pure "Emptines & # 39; consciousness behind & # 39; We identify with them the wisdom that goes out of the window and we lose all of our natural and physical colds, where the self-abusive, horrifying effects of following some finite elements are found by man in the trap of ego.

To understand that wisdom is developed by the ability to understand Empty is to see these ultimate things as an experience, not like things to attach our perfect caps to identity and say, "This is me. See this relationship This award , this post, this six pack lives? This is me! … so I will totally lose my sleep now, because I fear someone or something could take it from me and destroy me sense of self! "… and in that situation, what good, effective decisions do you think people could do or not?

This disagreement, ego-plague person can continue; "… I will not enjoy it, because even though it may be something that is absolutely right for me, I will attach my self-esteem so much to fear of loss that will mean all the pleasure and the presence of things in her moments of experience or a journey becomes impossible. "

Wisdom overcomes this mindset, and returns us to wiser actions based on cognitive, alarming aspects of life itself. The ability to take a point of view over the needy, infinite chatter of troubled factors is the first place to start.

This brings us to a clearer, self-conscious thought.

In this state of mind, or rather in this true self-knowledge, people make happier choices about wisdom in all areas of life. Relationships are without themselves. The way to train and practice our body is determined without itself. The way we engage our caretakers, participate in our natural talents, and continue to work positively is without self. The way we spend, earn, and save money is determined solely without independence.

Thus, you can see that the cost to you of not having this clearer, workable definition of wisdom may even be that it costs you your right to justice. To live as you truly are, free from egoism. When you live with wisdom, you no longer worry about any need, self-seeking definition of "you," and you are free to be whoever you are and allow wiser, truer decisions to flow from it. Wisdom-based success is as simple as that.


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