What did you do? Fear, double and limitations

When we are born, we are all winners. We learned to walk no matter how often we ran. We learned to speak no matter how difficult it was. We learned new knowledge and new things without restrictions. We dreamed a lot of things. We are full of curiosity and always ask a lot of questions and always seek answers.

But as we grow, life experiences and interact with others to limit ourselves. We now have a program that is the only one we can do. We are scared of a lot of things and we are scared. We lost the art of asking a question for fear of rejection. We lost our emphasis on our dreams. We were unhappy with what life is about. We have a tendency to escape from our problems rather than turning to them. We lost our trust and self-esteem. We avoid failure rather than receiving it.

When we fire, look again at what was before. We regret that we never take steps to achieve our dream. We ask these questions. What if I made sacrifices in exchange for what I wanted to do? What if I didn't listen to what others would say? What if I introduced a little effort and looked for better opportunities? What if setting goals in my life? What if I commit to it and do what it takes to get my dream? I should not spend much time on what is not important and take care of every minute of your life.

This is the cycle of life? Most people who live in fear of rejection and fear of failure, they live in regret. Always look back and live in the past. To avoid this, we must look deep inside and analyze what we really are. Always keep in mind that life is one continuous mistake for us to learn to be perfect.


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