What brings creation to your life?

In the e-book 2004, "The Creativity Interviews", I asked 7 questions about the creative process for 19 creative artists from various subjects.

One of these questions was "what brings creativity to your life?"

When I look at the answers with new eyes, themes begin to pop for me. As you read through these broad themes, and actual phrases spoken by artists in the book, consider who you know the most.

Creation leads to an adventurer, affects my whole life and what "out there"

The artist spoke of a sense of "exploration", "unintentional" and "adventure" and their creativity " gets my life whatever I do ". They considered the impact of their creativity on other parts of life, giving them "unique solutions to problems" and "activating my relationships".

Creation creates opportunities for self-discovery of what "here is".

Artists appreciate "increased awareness" and increased ability to "understand me".

Creative circles relationships with people both in and out of my "genus"

"I feel part of a tribe of free people" was how one artist expressed this understanding of the connection and understanding of it when they are about other artists. Another artist recognized her creativity as a "gift that I can share with others" – fulfills the desire for connection in a way that is natural and fun for the artist.

These are hopefully points, considering how isolated and misunderstood many artists count.

Creation Leads to Spiritual Connections

The themes of spirituality such as "gratitude", "purity" and "essence" may sound in some responses by artists. One requirement of creation gives them "insight into a spiritual realm", and another described creativity as a "spiritual experience."

It was also the idea that creation is related to "something bigger than myself" and "the feeling that I am in an area" of life flow. "Many of us are easily related to our spirituality by being in nature. One artist came that creation creates "the freedom to reproduce what I see in nature."

I think one artist has summed up the relationship between creation and spirituality by answering one word: "wonder".

Creation arouses revival, jarring, a sense of delicious discomfort

Although I only heard one answer that fits into this theme – one artist found that the creation bought "discontinuity" in their lives – I took it because it is very interested in me.

What about the moment of torment – before the dissonant string dissolves, before the elements and colors of the painting "come together" before ideas story or article do something makes sense.

And what about the plain fact that it is ALTEKT something we will not know how to do, always something more to learn, always a creative idea that is at hand because our skills have not yet reached. Is that partly what keeps us going?

Creation returns home, "normal"

"Creation is my life" and "creation is inevitable". For one artist, creation is "a reason to live", and for another "it helps me to live". Creativity is what we know and when we express it, we ourselves must shine through. As one artist commented, it is a "relief".

Another artist pointed out that creativity opportunities often lead to "more creativity". Who are the perfect feelings when using the Law of Attraction – the principle that states that what you emphasize is what you attract in your life.

Creation for self-esteem and self-image

For the artists I spoke to, creation creates "awards," "pleasure," "pride," and "performance" "their self-esteem" and "self-awareness and self-image" .

For artists who often feel so misunderstood and unlike other people, creation creates a "way to explain me to the world". Creation rejoices because we are different by showing us a "sense of purpose" and "a sense of my uniqueness".

One artist said the creation "puts me in touch with the essence and essence of being".

Creation heals me

As a musician, this theme was not surprising to me. Not only are arts a great therapeutic tool for treatment, creativity can be very therapeutic for those who express it.

Some therapeutic benefits of creativity shared with me were "relaxation," "center," "potential," "hope," and "relationship with themselves." Creative "lifts me from my grief" and is a "way of translating my hopes and feelings."

Creation brings happiness, energy and power The "endorphin rush" described by one artist was many as "joy," "energy, energy, energy," "pleasure," "magic," "stuffing", "happiness", "passion" and "hair". Creation is "encouraging and stimulating" and gives "the impetus to push" and "a sense of power".

What brings creativity to your life? What do you miss most when you are not actually writing your creative ideas? What is the first thing you notice that changes in your life when you are in a "creative flow"?

The names of the creators of your creativity can help turn your passion for your creative work on and motivate you. Thinking of these gifts can also put mysterious smiles on your face as you travel on other parts of your life.

Whatever you are doing – whether it looks at the little details and duties of life or the needs of others – you can point out that you & # 39; Be one of the lucky ones with access to creativity. You have this amazing source of adventure, self-discovery, connection, spirituality, revival, nature, self-esteem, self-esteem, healing, happiness, energy, and power.

This article originally appeared on the website Creativity Portal in August 2005.

© Linda Dessau, 2005.


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