Tony Robbins – Personal Power II – Day 17 – Wealth

"Money is nothing but a way to measure the value of people."
~ Tony Robbins

Many of us have pain associated with wealth in approach / avoidance dance. Because of events in our past, we can call that "year of affection". There can be a lot of sensitivity to financial problems, and if those wounds are not doctors, you can't get tons of capital.

Generally speaking, poverty speaks and lacks the worst in people and abundance of the best. People living in poverty tend to get the highest criminal record, most drug and most dissatisfaction. Being one of a constantly broken group of people doesn't help you or your group. You can do more by becoming wealthy to be able to return.

There are seven reasons why most people never do it financially.

1). They associate negative things with having or making money. Remember, the past is not the future.

2). They don't put up with much money that will be absolute. Without deciding what is a necessity, not an option, how can that be a recovery?

3). Having an effective wealth-building strategy is not for them.

  • managing your money to share your money that will give you great happiness
  • . They cannot keep abreast of their financial goals. Find ways to win your money to work for you, such as activating a composite interest that can take a lot of pressure if you have time to watch it grow.

    5). They rely too much on "experts". There is no one who cares about your money than you do. Experts are valuable, but you need to take care of your money and taxes. If you make mistakes in these types of decisions and planning, you will be totally responsible, not your professional.

    6). They become financially self-evident. Many take their wealth for granted. Whatever you do not use, you will lose. It is a good idea to keep in mind that if you are comfortable with what you have, you can get more and if you do not succeed, then what you have taken is ours. Don't hoard what you have.

    7). They allow financial challenges to go from bad to worse in financial destruction. Most likely, the road to wealth is not a straight line. If and when problems arise, stay in the game and ask great questions to help you get back on track.

    Be ready to transform the crisis into an opportunity. By having a financial faith, you can learn from situations and find even more opportunities.

    The project:

    Give yourself a financial opinion to find out "richness" so you can quickly heal:

    1). Ask yourself to list the views you have that hold you back.

    2). Is there a certain amount of money that is absolute MUST ? Is this number "becoming" for your life, or is it the number ability to live comfortably by paying your current bills?

    3). "Never leave the area to set goals or make decisions without taking action to fulfill it.

    4) Find something today today to begin to feel as you work. can be used to create the financial freedom we deserve.] You can create a list of financial conditions or aspects of financial management that are not fully understood or resources that provide answers to it.

    6 Remember that we talk about self-confidence? Write a paragraph about "why" you follow your plan and avoid independence. Recognize the excuses that you used before. Instructor is the only option now.

    7) What to do delivering us from fear is the belief that we are much more than anything that could ever happen to us financially, writing down one or two situations that seemed very difficult to You pushed thro ugh. Remind yourself that you have the ability to turn challenges into success.

    Sometimes our "pain is humble" to try to heal, but the gospel is that there are ways to heal them. One way is to find someone who has succeeded where you want to be. You can "model" their example if you find out exactly what they did and follow that pattern.

    Take the time to do these exercises will teach you more about yourself. Optimized skills in this lesson will provide you with more ways to do well for success.



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