Stress Management Tools for Stay at Home Moms

When I decided to stay at home mom, I showed all the good things I have imagined following the role; kiss the little teens, hear the first words and teach the art of tying shoes. I knew it was less than an enjoyable hour-long duty, but I could never fully think of the amount of work involved.

I've never sought my decision – it's a great job – but sometimes it doesn't seem to be necessary. When was I last recognized for my work, raised or offered an incentive? Besides kissing, kissing and odd thanks, there is no big endless bonus in this job. For this reason, moms need to be at home first. Of course, a sponsor is a great help, but if you look like you're happy, you'll feel happy and embarrassed by your family. Take some pressure and create a better balance in your life and you will enjoy your "work" so much more.

Embrace Nap Prison

Nap Prison is the term some mom uses to describe a home time home. We all promise it, but what isn't it? It may be up to four hours after your child's age. Keep your home wash as long as you can and make time for you. Sleep if you need it, take a cup of tea while browsing the Internet, take a long hot shower, but whatever you do … not clean!

Seek out fresh air (and sunlight if possible)

Get out at least once a day with your children. Walk in the garden, sit in the garden, build a snowman and breathe in fresh air. Vitamin D is important, especially in colder climates, so come out where the sun shines and see how it lifts your breath.

Connect with others

Social media is my savior. It allows me to stay connected with friends and family, and especially with colleagues where I don't have a water cooler to stay away. When I am looking for some adult communication, I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a medium of choice.

When kids and toddlers have passed, things become more manageable and you will find personal balance is easier to achieve. Remember to be positive and if you find yourself slipping, pull those cute pictures of the child, punch up and read with your children, embrace your partner and smile, because tomorrow is a bright new day.


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