Stress-Free and Get More

Are you interested in reducing stress? Want to achieve more than doing less? Did you know that with the constant application of one basic principle, can you change the tension in life that is surely exciting and balanced? You have to be much more productive and find more enforcement.

If you think there is a contradiction by saying you can do more by doing less, think again. Have you ever noticed how your performance improves often when you stop trying so hard? For example, you are in an important business meeting and for some reason you just know things are going to work out. You are reluctant to get your views across and you trust. Uncannily, your collections start asking for and listening to your opinion and things are going well. Or you are playing tennis or out on the golf course, playing extremely well and when you look back on the experience, you understand that while you have experienced you stop thinking and start flowing. Everything seemed so easy!

In these two examples, more achieved by doing less. And in fact, there are maximum experiences in our lives, the moments we are going to shine, usually the experience we feel like we do very little or nothing at all. Instead, life passes through us. The quality of the effort is what makes the maximum experience special: much is happening, but we are the device, not the actor.

Peak experience is a moment of flow or being in an area. The effortless flow of quality experience is always accompanied by a sense of profit satisfaction and overall clarity.

For most of us, maximum experiences are the exception rather than the norm. We want to feel more effortless and we are fascinated by people who seem to be generals who have learned how to act as a flow in what they do. Think about Tiger Woods. Despite the great challenges inherent in his circumstances, he almost always looks together and his body is a picture of fluid achievement. He knows that even in the face of great demands, deep relaxation is the key to his success. For example, in an interview several years ago, Tiger Woods described how he worked for many years to gain a lighter and lighter relationship with his golf club, because this neat touch was the key to his incredible control. He focused his attention on relaxing fingers and arms to feel better and focus more on achieving a higher level.

Most designers emphasize maintaining a certain internal position, the status of deep physical relaxation or exercise, as a key to their success. Effortlessly, a physical sensation combines deep physical relaxation with a calm mind and sharp focus. Peak performers know they can't reach high levels without these feelings. They make this physical sense of priority number one and let everything else take second place. They achieve more because they refuse to sacrifice their inner peace to reach each goal.

The reason that most people fail to achieve is that they focus too much on what they need to achieve and too little on how they feel when they are going to succeed. Since they pay so little attention to their inner condition, they end up with everything they need to do, since they come up in the morning until they come home. They assume that it is the price they have to pay for what they have to achieve. But the truth is the opposite!

The more we focus, the more we reach far below our real potential. We live by rules that create the opposite and effortless and effective lifestyle. If you dare to succeed at all costs of your god and instead commit yourself to an effortless lifestyle as the basis for getting closer to you, then you will achieve more success. You have to follow in the footsteps of masters who know that great success is dependent on a high level of internal composition and that the secret to success is to learn to make a physical, mental and emotional relaxation foundation for success.


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