NLP principles you can use in everyday life

Here are the basic principles of NLP that you or any person of any age can apply for absolutely any situation in life. Like any new talent we are at the beginning of our studies, we will practice, but the exercise is perfect for what we practice. The value will be very soon – the quality of your life and communication with yourself and others – and productivity and happiness will increase for you and the people around you:

  • You create your own reality.
  • You know your reality, not the reality of others.
  • You get what you focus on.
  • You have what you need to get what you want.
  • Your behavior is purposeful.
  • You're doing the best you can – and you could probably do it better.
  • Every behavior is beneficial in some contexts.
  • Choice is better than no choice. The goal is always to increase choice.
  • The meaning of communication is the answer it brings.
  • No failure, only feedback.
  • Each person has their own reality. As they operate from that reality, they are always right.
  • Current behavior is the best choice for you at that time.
  • If something you're doing doesn't work, do something else.
  • Mind and body are one integrated system.
  • People with flexibility are most likely to achieve what they want. The part of the system that has the greatest selection of possible answers will control the system.
  • People work perfectly – no one is wrong or broken.
  • There are no patient patrons – only inflexible protocols.
  • It is easier to change yourself than to change others.
  • People do the best they can give the options they think are available to them.
  • Modeling excellence leads to excellence.
  • If one person can do something, one can shape and teach others.
  • All that is said, done, experience is said, done, experienced by someone.
  • Experience can be changed.
  • Mind and body are systematic – when you change one, you change the other.
  • People will make sense of experience – not just answer.
  • Energy flows where attention takes place.
  • Our facts limit what we are capable of more than make constraints of external reality.
  • Since we have better ways to achieve what we want, we will choose to use it.
  • We all have the same access to the construction and use of internal resources.
  • Our Danish experience is revealed in our language when we speak.


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