NLP concept – visibility

Normally, our perception, regardless of each other, sees visual information, hearing hearing, and Chinese. There is no overlap or confusion, but sometimes these sensory systems are linked, either by nerve damage or by psychological connections.

In those cases, the colors can produce sounds or tastes (for example, seeing red produces the taste of Banana, blue sound on ring bells), numbers and letters can be colorful (eg, all 6s are purple) or combinations. There's no logic, but it's consistency, synesthesias is the same.

Although neurological reasons for synesthesia are beyond the scope of NLP, however, connections that create a short-term psychology are well within NLP's reach and address those that can be useful and problematic at the same time.

Synthesis and Overlapping Substance Rules

Incidentally, in dealing with the trauma, we will discover that the client's inner representation is jumbled. They can usually hold visual objects in one place, sound recording in another and so on, though with this memory everything is classified into one place, mashed together as a spiritual equivalent of Gordian Knot.

Remember one part of the event reminiscent of every part of the event. The content and structure of the representative is absolutely connected and it is impossible to change individual elements. In addition, infection is likely to occur, they must be seen & # 39; the sounds, & # 39; hearing & # 39; the smell and then they will not be able to handle thoughts and feelings as separate entities and they will become too much with sensory information.

In these cases, the presentation is categorized into objects and moving & # 39; Those around can give the customer the opportunity to organize and reclassify the event memory.

Working with sharp sub-assemblies is not too complicated, but it can be time-consuming and annoying as the tension must be all the way back and put the process back in square. Furthermore, the memory can enhance the intensity when the model information is conveyed, since the homogenization process has been used as a protective device against the scary emotions of the event. In this situation, the slow approach, which deals with only one model form at a time, can be the most effective approach, but the disadvantage is that the customer can remix memory between meetings.

There are some special NLP patterns that have been developed to address the problem of overlapping underperformance, but individual cases will often mean that the specialist will develop a specific approach for each individual case.


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