Mind Control Techniques – The art and science of passive forcing

There are many thought methods based on specific actions or language patterns. These are popular because they are easy to test. Examples of effective coercive measures are to put someone in a stroke using "yes bridges", pattern disturbances and so on. It's kind of "talking to someone".

However, there is another kind of thinking method that can be as effective when it comes to using other people: passive constraints.

Passive constraints do not require you to actually do anything – rather, it is to set up an environment where your goal is to go through – and the simple action that goes through this environment will affect its behavior.

This may sound rather weird, but it is actually a rather common experience. In fact, when you walk into a large shopping mall, you first experience it.

The art and science of indirect coercion are billions of dollars of trade. It is not a modern shopping mall in the world that has not been designed with the help of passive coercion specialists. If you want to experience indirect constraints in an even more complex environment, visit Casino Las Vegas.

The reason why a passive constraint is so impressive is partly because it is invisible – we do not know that this particular environment is specifically designed to enable us to perform certain actions, think of certain thoughts.

Shopping centers – as well as casinos – have surveillance cameras everywhere. Our usual understanding is that this is simply for security reasons – but this material is carefully and precisely identified by highly specialized psychologists who aim to better understand and change consumer behavior. They do this with the help of the smell, chords and light. They create an architecture that affects you to spend more time – and money – in the shopping center. Even the floor is designed to create desired effects – not just colors, but also the softness or hardness of the floor, but very measurable effect on our behavior.

Of course, when you want to influence someone to do something, you can't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating coercive conditions – but being aware of the fact that the environment can either increase or decrease the impact on compelling experiments Your knowledge is worth knowing in itself. Because you can choose to meet in an environment that will increase your persuasive position.


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