How to use NLP anchoring on yourself

Many people ask me if I know some simple programming software they can use and do at home. And the answer to that is definitely yes. Now if you are like me, you probably believe that self-development should not be so difficult. And guess what? That's not the case. The more we learn about self-development and the mind, the more people realize that when it comes to technology is a simple very often the best way. Think again about some of the best decisions you've ever made. Were they made after a lot of explanation or just got the feelings or instincts you knew & # 39; you had to follow? I know that for me, the latter is definitely true and the same goes for development.

So without any further idea, I will explain one of the simplest techniques you can use if you want to change your beliefs about something, overcome fear of something or simply feel better in certain situations.

What is anchoring?

So what is this technology called "Anchoring"? Actually, you do this technology every day without realizing it. Actually, "anchors & # 39; You have already been programmed in your mind without even understanding it.

Let's look at a simple example. When you were a child, you would probably visit your grandparents on a regular basis, and during those visits you might have some sounds, smells, or tastes that you learned to link to them, and even today as an adult, when you smell apple pie baking, or diet or certain type of soap or flower, it brings good memories of visiting grandparents. This is the company's simple power at work. In fact, your mind cannot help but form these organizations.

Why not hire your mind abilities to do this by calling on an organization and using it when you need it?

Sounds logical isn't it? So let's learn how.

How to use anchoring

I'm going to explain some steps to assert confidence. This is a great purpose that you can do for an important meeting, presentation or other type of event where trust is very important.

1. The best way to start this is to do a simple relaxation exercise. NLP technology is best done with a slack mind, so find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed, sit quietly and shoot at a little relaxation music. You only need to do this for a few minutes until you feel your mind and body relax.

2. When you are ready, think about time when you have found confidence. It could be at a party, after a job interview that went very well or when you talked about topics you know a lot about.

3. Be aware of what you see around you, the sounds you hear and how you feel. Can you hear murky voices or people's glasses? Can you see the crowds of professional looking people? Are you in a room room, class room or party? Is it food? Can you smell the food? Can you smell anything else? More is good here. Try to be as much as you can at the moment.

4. Now think of another time you felt completely safe. It may be a completely different situation from the last. Now imagine yourself watching yourself. What do you look like? How is your posture? Are you smiling? How's your breathing?

5. At this point, you begin to notice that the feeling of trust begins to rise in you. This is great. As you think, you need to do something physical with your body, such as wearing your fists or throwing your arms in the air. It doesn't matter what it is – the most important thing is that you rush out of trust when you do.

6. The next thing I want you to do is to keep this sense of self-confidence for a moment and imagine that this feeling has a volume control that accompanies it. Now you want to increase that volume in detail. Start with 10%, then raise it to 50% and then raise it over 100% and, as you do, hold your arm up or hold your grips.

7. Now think of situations where you need confidence and form yourself in that state. Now straighten your arms or mess up your fists and let the feeling of trust return to you. You can repeat exercise again and again as much as you want and whenever you want. Do it for about 30 minutes in the beginning and then do the right thing for every situation where you feel you need confidence.

So you have it – simple neurological programming technology that you can do yourself anytime you want.


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