How to improve your brain while standing in line

How to improve your brain while waiting for a line, is a way of pumping up the time that is going to take advantage of and put this time into something that will give you a rewarding boost. And it will help you start developing a solid foundation for other related, simple skills, including some pretty great results. I will mention some of these "pretty great" results at the end of this article.


  • You are on a line that will take a few minutes or more to end up being available;
  • You're alone in the line, NOT to anyone else, like your spouse, lover, friend, colleague, etc.
  • You want to maximize this time in tandem;


  1. This is one of simple skills and it is easy to do. You don't have to believe in anything. All you have to do is follow the instructions;
  2. Although you stand, start taking your breath in and coming out of your body;
  3. After a minute or so, start experiencing the top of your head. Try the presence at the top of your head. With your awareness, experience the presence at the top of your head, for one or so minutes;
  4. Now experience your consciousness in front of your head, especially the area in the middle of your forehead. Do this for about a minute;
  5. Bring consciousness to experience the presence of the bottom legs. With consciousness, find the presence of the soles of your feet for about a minute;
  6. Change your consciousness to the center of your body, in tune with your stomach. With consciousness, experience the presence of your abdomen. Let the consciousness experience the inner region of the abdomen, behind your stomach, for about a minute, or so;
    • This completes one "round" of this particular simple skill;
    • If you have time to make another "traffic", keep doing it;
    • Make sure you focus on your consciousness without training or trying, or avoiding;
    • It is very natural to have the thoughts and impressions of your experience of being aware of (no type!) Surprisingly;
    • When you become aware that you are no longer aware of a particular focus, you will easily and carefully get your understanding of experiencing the presence of the area you were in when you were absorbed in some other thought or disclosure;
    • If you are interrupted by these simple skills, that's all right. When you get the chance to finish "traffic", great. And if not, you're not going to explode or burst into fire. Don't sweat the little clothes;

At a very practical level, what you are doing is creating a set of nerve links that allows you to increase your overall performance. This means that you must improve the basis of nerve capabilities that are used for almost everything you use for your brain.

It is possible that you underestimate what this means to you and how these simple skills will improve the performance of all the actions you perform in your daily life. This is because simple skills are just so simple.


As promised, here is a little overview of the topics you are preparing for the physical brain to do:

  1. Extra-ordinary communication skills, utilize the brain area called "God Center."
  2. Clean, accurate, personal, personal, bilateral, telecommunication with the Creator of the brain;
  3. Can ask and receive specialized, currently, guidance, in the field of telecommunications, directly from the thinking;
  4. Much deeper sense of relative relationship with your nature;

Of course, this comes over a certain period of time and requires regular work methods. If you are in line, the time is going to be used for anyway, so this is a good way to succeed along the way and get some pause from the stress of having to wait.

I hope you use this simple skill!


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