How to combat negativity and build self-confidence

"Surrounded by people who are very good and very passionate about what they do regardless of what it is … positive and passion making a powerful combination."

Rachael Birmingham

Surrounded by yourself with positive people who sincerely desire you, you can do wonders to increase your self-esteem. Feelings of hope and love are magnetic, and before you know them, they will lift your spirits and create moods that can also bring others into mind. Hold on for a while to identify who these people are in your life. Some of us have many, but others can only have one, but often it's all you need to remind yourself of how much you are. Sometimes the most important person in our lives is no longer with us, even remembering the warm words and radiating their energizing energies, not only makes us better but also allows us to honor and thank the positive light they have given us.

What are the tips for increasing my support group?

Search for local meetings or activities where you can meet others who share your positive attitude. Have you recently overcome life or discovered a new passion? Probably you are not the only one. Join the group to empower women, entrepreneurs, new moms, hikes, cooks, music – whatever you move . By sharing your experiences, you can encourage others, as well as benefit from the insights of others.

How can I be positive about negative people?

It is always a good idea to try to minimize your communication with negative people. If someone connects you to a negative conversation politely and positively answers and ends the conversation. When one admits that you will not feed into their negative energy, more often than not, they will leave you alone. By keeping the ground down and convinced of the positive self, you can inadvertently cause the listener to think about reassessing how they look at the world.

Finding peace in the present.

Take time each day to "be" at the moment. By centering yourself, you will get positive energy that you need to approach life with a new mind. Still your mind from what you need to do tomorrow or anxiety what you didn't do yesterday. The simplest way to do this is to sit still, close your eyes and focus on your wheezing. Listen to the air as you breathe in and find the oxygen that fills your lungs. Then, as you breathe slowly, you hear the air as it slowly exits. By focusing on modern times, you can minimize the negative energy that comes from worrying about the future or the past.


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