How to build self-confidence – 3 tips

If you are wondering how you can build confidence, you are in the right place. In this article, I will share with you three tips that will help you work independently. Here they are!

1. Step by Step

As Lao-Tzu said, a journey of a thousand miles goes one step. Instead of trying to do it all at once, start with one step. Step by step, build your confidence, piece by piece.

How to take the first step? Make a list of all your insecurities. Whatever it is insecure when you talk to beautiful women, be afraid to talk to the public or say no, check it all down.

Now that you know what our insecurity is, it's time to take the first step. Your first step is to select only one insecure (preferably the largest) and eliminate it. And to do that, you have to …

2. Look At Your Fear

I Don't Want To Lie With You – If you want to build your confidence, you have to face your fears and it will hurt. Not only that – it will make you nervous, stressed, frustrated. However, no pain, no profit, right?

Safe men are safe because they faced their fears and pushed their boundaries. You have to do the same – to get rid of your insecurity, you have to deal with them. It's called "enhancing your comfort zone". Are you afraid to speak publicly? Well, if you want to make sure it is time you start doing it as often as possible. Afraid of beautiful women? Get started with them. Look at your fears!


I know, improving your confidence is an easy task. But I know how bad you want. Do not disappoint yourself – never give up until you reach your goal and become an independent suicide. To make the trip easier, here are some things you can do to continue:

– Encourage yourself to watch inspiring movies and listen to positive music;

– reward yourself when you have reached the minimum;

– Get help from other people (it might be a good idea to work with your confidence with friends who also want to become independent).

Remember, never give up – you'll do it!

All of the above tips will be very helpful on your journey towards complete confidence (of course, if you put them into use!). Just remember to practice daily and work not only to build your confidence, but also to improve yourself in general. The better you are, the more confidence you will feel.


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