How far from you is your soul personality?

Although this seems unexpected, this question contains a special life-enhancing potential.

Put another way: With what level of dominant consciousness is our life now working – a genuine soul conscious or fake person?

A person – meaning a mask – fears hurt by verbal or emotional attacks, is constantly in the defensive. Engulfed with feelings of superiority and self-esteem, it is quick to anger and rely upon the challenge. However, sympathy, born of soul consciousness, is the opposite; Immediately in nature, it is a free flowing and nonjudgmental in any case. Thus, our slogan should be: when there is nothing to hurt, nothing is hurting, or eliminating what was previously hurt.

Personality in principle is the energy source where the soul evolves to know itself. Generally, when we refer to ourselves, we refer to personality, with emotionally comparable ability. But this energy activity is not real to you, but what the soul uses to know itself divinely. They are but a temporary scaffolding for ease of breathing, because at some stages of our spiritual journey, these fictional templates will be integrated, reflected as a call for sympathy expression.

Although each person has a soul that is immortal, eternal, a lower personality is mortal or final: it is not eternal You. The purpose of the personality is to do our true divine nature, a conscious reality. Personality is the powerful soul of the vehicle to reflect joy and happiness, the medium the soul finds its way home. We are each encoded in cipher with these homely talents that we can all use to find inner peace. In this regard, to the extent that the soul is not religiously awakened, it is the number of remnants of unhappiness and stress. To the extent that we accept the artificial personality as real, like the king and the governor of our life, the distance we are from is ourselves, soul, love, or home.

Deep within, this perception perceives the higher soul of naturalization. But to come to this noble consciousness must first recognize, or understand, from within. If now this dimension is not experienced, we either lost our way by observing artifality, thus, forgetting, or not acknowledging, entering the soul. In this context, something abnormal causes blockade, thus obstructing our perceptions spiritually. Should this trouble be our position, the obvious question arises: What causes a damn of direct soul connection, how can we reset and return to the right place and establish genuine love?

The cause of the blockade is a mental illness, life damage debris dominating, splintered personality. Thus, it is a chaotic mode or force that we seek to restore in harmony with the soul.

To this end, we consider the physical universe. The first law of the physical universe is a series, nothing about the external physical universe or inner life is coincidentally happening – each action has the cause or reaction of previous actions. Without it being abnormal, chaos comes in automatically when everything seems random. In other words, since the universe operates under perfect cosmic laws, if that same perfect franchise does not work in our daily lives – in our minds – chaos is dynamic. Thus, we can immediately see the possible connection to spiritual violence, to non-available personalities. It is this embodiment of a personality that is responsible for individual and international suffering, only on a scale.

Have we ever awakened from an unpleasant dream, and relieved to find it was not real, how wonderfully exciting the awakening time was found? We were like "pushing" ourselves awake.

In order to protect personal chaos in our lives, we are meant to "push" through the dream murder and thus awaken unnatural nature and thus liberate thought from the dominant personality. In this process, the sedentary nature of a deeper mind, bliss, is derived into a personality, which then becomes open. Therefore, when the soul and personality become spiritually adapted, the divine order is remembered, in our lives, in our close environment, and therefore beneficial to all humanity.

Like individual elements – or notes – of the spirit and to facilitate searching / finding the motives of this more calm mind of nature, each soul has been descended into an immense amount of power. Think of raindrops / oceans, atoms / stars, cells / brains, the same ingredients, but just in scale. Similarly, some electrical components have a filtering device to prevent electric shock short circuits.

With personality, the vehicle soul is used to evolve, from the point of view of the soul – not bound by time and space – all of its personality types anger, anger, jealousy, hatred, addiction, love, joy and joy, are created simultaneously. With that in mind, the soul only needs to make one truly lifetime journey, which can be this incarnation, we should consciously choose it.

While spiritual understanding can be accomplished in many ways, the simplest and most practical method is regular spiritual silence or personality-purifying meditation. Meditation introduces a series into a spiritual process, then by making conscious mind conscious in activity, as distinct from subconscious response personality traits.

To this end, a significant heart rate from meditation is compassion. Once homosexuality has been introduced, wisdom, love, and natural behavior soon became established expression patterns. By describing the soul's tolerance – by making the mind fully aware of meditation – destructive and disorganized beliefs exercise health. A healthy personality that becomes the prism in which divine content, or soul, luminance, reflects in our daily lives.


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