How do you improve your memory by changing your personal behavior?

Studies were conducted and concluded that the individual's behavior affects the ability to generate new memories. "Memories" refer not only to memories previously known, often known as long-term memory, but also to short-term memory. The latter is where you keep information like phone numbers, names, important dates, and others. Developing this type of memory will certainly provide numerous benefits as such information is very useful in our daily lives. But before trying to improve your memory, one must first ask if he is willing to change his behavior too.

Improving memory by talking and hearing at the same time

There are ways that can lead to better memory and most of these are very easy to do. Former research revealed that reading aloud could have a better preservation compared to silent reading. People who are reading with a loud voice tend to remember the information more easily because hearing and speaking are done simultaneously so that the necessary information is preserved in the brain. Some groups associate alcohol with the individual's ability to memorize. Although further research needs to be connected, evidence that the minimum intake of alcohol improves memory and awareness.

Improving Memory by Drinking Drinking Water Modern

Drinking too much alcohol, however, obstructs memory, as studies were made that showed moderate alcoholic beverages have better ability to preserve information in their brains. Flavonoids, one of the pigments present in red wine, have particular benefits for blood vessels.

Increase Less Stress-Free Lifestyle

Always make sure you are a stress-free lifestyle because it is important to note that when stress, anxiety, and anger enter our lives, our brain is slow. Remember, the brain is responsible for maintaining our memory. Stress is everywhere, at school, at work, and even in our homes, so we need to know how to manage it carefully. People who cannot see stress tend to experience depression. Some damage depression as a memory problem because people who are under this condition are unable to concentrate and become more annoying.

Increase memory with healthy exercise

Another factor that should be considered is the time spent on movement. Ask yourself how much of your time you have to give up instead of a healthy exercise. Having physical exercise not only your body also keeps your mind. The body needs a sufficient amount of oxygen to get a good circulation and allow the brain to function well. People who practice a lot or those who have an active lifestyle tend to get a better understanding.

Take part in activities that allow you to sweat and release negative energy in your system. Improving memory is an easy task as long as someone is willing to change their personal behavior. Release the negative forces in you and attract positive vibration to improve your memory.


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