Here's why you should never stop

Here's a quick lesson on why one should never give up if someone tells them "No".

I love using sports analogues … and here's a good man I heard from Jim Rohn, I just add to it.

In the big league cup, if you bat 300 or more, you guarantee a multi-million dollar deal. What does 300 equals? It simply means ten times a bat, you're out seven times. To put it in terms of the business world … of every 10 the player speaks to, 7 will reject him and only 3 will tell them yes.

Alex Rodriguez of Yankees, recently signed a 10-year $ 300 million deal. What was his average batting? It was. In other words, every 10 times he faced a jug, he was rejected 7 of those times.

The bottom line … Yes 3 times + No 7 times = 30 million dollars a year. I would also like to add that you must become proficient in your field … learn the craft and above all … develop yourself. Personal development is the key to any progress.

When you learn to watch rejection really … you shouldn't be disappointed with the word "no".

Denial is not easy, but remember the reason why the word "Yes" is for the word "no".

Remember, it does not matter if you are in a marketing company with many levels as I am … or if you are in a common environment or if you simply want volunteers, this head teacher applies.


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