Five keys to achieving complete confidence

True self-confidence comes from faith in oneself and through actions that prove faith. Today, given what I've found out about self-confidence, I can do things that I haven't even thought I'd ever do or could do. Now I feel like I can conquer the world! Let me back to my childhood and give you insight into "old me".

When I was a child, both my father and my teachers thought I was "dumb and stupid." In their minds they thought I was mentally mature and the IQ test "showed them" that I was. While such tests do not take into account stress from external factors that contribute to lower scores. And when you add that I did, it made only my so-called "fool" worse and led to my self-confidence diminishing even further at that time.

But still, doing things that turned out different, was the key to getting more confidential. My martial arts trained and played Pop Warner football helped both. I also realized that I was good at creating new ideas. Then I went on to build my self-confidence. Talking to others would have to wait when I was ready to express myself.

Sometimes I discovered my self-confidence at the academy too. What I won't tell you is that simply giving unparalleled praise will build confidence. It won't. What I'm going to share here are five keys that I discovered to gain absolute confidence and that will help you too:

1. Believe with all your power that you are worthy. When you believe in yourself, you have to start having what you deserve all that life has to offer. It's also the way to safe action.

2. Action is king in creating the nervous system in confidence. Part of the process is to create a physiology of trust. Imagine how a very confident person would stand, walk, and / or bear. Now, imagine doing the same thing and doing it.

3. Make mistakes. The more you do and when you learn from them, the more confidence you get. Finding out what works and what doesn't work in certain situations will increase your knowledge. It is injustice that people have what is known as "common sense". It all depends on the experience one has of a particular situation that gives them the feeling necessary for it. Until and without you, this experience and knowledge is not "rational" for you.

4. Surround yourself by supporting people. It can include friends, mentors, colleagues and even customers / customers. I get a lot from my customers all the time. When they succeed on a proposal I make, it helps build trust in me.

5. Keep a scrapbook, performance binder, magazine articles, stories and more that show you! Just like titles and medals earned by athletes, this will serve as a reminder to you that you can do what is worthy of great praise. Although this is external in nature, it does affect your subconscious. If you have written a book, argue the same.

Now take each key and start developing the confidence you want in your life. Remember this, the more you do to build self-confidence, the more you will get it. And keep doing it! BTW, a new me, has earned two doctorates, a grade 5 black belt in Kenpo (and other black belts), wrote books, created effective (and some not so well) business relationships and so much more!


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