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I am often said to be a persistent, courageous, persistent, pushing and dedicated policy. This post is about being aware of the symbols when needed and still applied in the right direction.

Here is my main thought on this subject.

Do not fight your journey when life moves you, if your heart is on target, even ignorant will lead you to your goal.

This reminds me of caterpillar who knows when it's time to turn coconut and transform instead of continuing to continue as a swing. The journey takes faith, listens to yourself and is aware of constant confirmation that the time for change exists. Many times this affirmation speaks from different parties who do not relate to each other. It may come from a book, human being, prayer, meditation, or just a slight persistent center of emotion.

I can tell you that this desire is not born of laziness, excuses or irresponsibility. It's like losing the taste of what you've been doing. Nothing else has changed. Understanding it is not a lack of gratitude, love or passion for the essence of what you do and where you are going. It is a persistent nuisance of dissatisfaction you get. It is very important at this time not to rely on change of mind or make decisions from great emotions. You might even be wondering why you feel like that. Yet it comes with peace.

This intuition, feeling or hunch is usually not organized and seems to be a logical reason for movement at this time. Therefore, it is dangerous to move without taking the time to test this feeling. Be sure to be true to your hearts expressing your ultimate goal. This is where efficiency and logic are often without consideration. Sometimes you have to fight the motives to move because you have nothing concrete to convince others or yourself that you do not lose part of your holiness.

I believe that this is the way of God to move you toward what you would never have thought otherwise. But this change is really a necessary piece to find out where you need to be next.

How do I test this feeling?

Evaluate the variables that affect you

– Make sure you are not just tired emotionally, physically or mentally. When you are short of one of these, your judgment can make a wrong decision.

Are you bored – Repetition is one of the ways we develop in discipline. Don't make a change just because you're not feeling at that time.

Is this the success of many changes

– Be careful that you really try to look for pleasure. While this may be involved, the desire I speak to seems to be dissatisfied, but at the same time, you seem to be happy. It's not a search.

Is there any heavy impact on you – Are you trying to please someone. Although one can be affirmed by these motives, you must stop what you are doing and move on, you should not be the originators. This should come from within you.


– Am I changing because I want another image? Again, this is not an external change. Others may feel that you are just fine; especially if it benefits them for you to be so.

Finally there is no rash

With this, I mean preparing for the change. At some point the pitch will be so loud that you can't avoid the changes. You must be ready to take advantage of the changes. Remember, Noah never saw rain before he built the ark, but he was ready when the flood came.

It takes faith. Believe!


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