DISCover your team / family or your own strengths and how to get motivated

The DISC Behavioral Assessment, which I am a certified behavioral counselor, is one of the most widely used and readily understandable programs available.

Here is a basic overview of each style is …

D style stands for Dominant

The greatest fear in D-style is utilized. Their grants are decisive, great leader, compelled, they move things forward and are good at crisis. The weaknesses are that they are perceived as impatient and can harm other emotions because they deliberately focus on the end. They can go over people who get in the way because the laser emphasizes the outcome.

The following questions may indicate that this person has a characteristic or D style:

Have a higher voice; talks about you; makes decisions quickly; takes the lead. They usually dress in clothing or otherwise express power.

The gift that this personality provides is a policy and order.

I style that is affected

"I" the style of greatest fear is rejected / rejected. Their strengths are that they are creative, problem-free, fun, and energetic, compelling, highly motivating, and stimulating.

Their relaxation is that they are not good at detail or organization, they are not the greatest listeners, they often interfere.

You can tell that I'm styling because they are very expressive. The talk with their hands, are very animated and have a voice decline. Also, they usually dress with bright colors, sweet patterns and are very trendy. And finally, they usually use the word "fun" often in their vocabulary.

The gift of this personality brings is fun and celebration.

S style stands for Steady

The greatest fear of this personality is losing their safety / security. Their strengths are that they are stable, secure, great listeners, great players, dolls. Those weaknesses are they resist change, can be stubborn, avoid collisions and can be pushed over.

You can identify the S style when you are a great listener, softer spoken, soft, subtle, but good expression and they dress in soft backs (unless they bought something that others have told them to buy).

The gift they bring is comfort.

C style that stands conscientiously

Stylish personality has great fear in criticism. Their strengths are that they are detail-oriented, can handle problems, and provide solutions, organized, accurate and accurate.

Their relaxation is that they can become depressed if they feel that they have not achieved perfection, they are slow to reduce their performance and they do not resemble risk.

You can detect a C style person because they are quiet and reserved. They work independently. They often use the word "exactly" in their vocabulary.

They bring the gift of the organization.

Now that we have a basic overview of what each style stands for, I will teach you how to use it and apply it when it comes to leading your team, family or working with others.

How to Encourage Your Team Using DISC

D style is encouraged to succeed and success. If your business or organization provides monetary benefits, awards, tours, etc. to help people meet their goals, this style will be most interested in those rewards. This style is also very interested in being in charge. If any form of promotion or advancement is the result of a certain goal goal, this style will be beyond that. They enjoy being at the top and being the leader.

To encourage style, use social activities. Anything that is festive, fun, social and officially recognized for their success will satisfy and inspire this style. The reason why public recognition is important for I-style is because they will have the ability to inspire and influence others to achieve excellence. This style is most fulfilled by fun, social events where they can inspire and influence.

The style can be encouraged in two ways. First, security and safety are because when changing, it is important to prepare this team member for as much effort as possible to make them feel comfortable, well prepared and secure.

Second, there is a close relationship. Their loyalty and desire to do things as a team of peace will drive them to support their leaders or team members. Also, they can be encouraged to thank their support and loyalty.

Mat C style by information and logic. To do this, make sure you have prepared information and can support ideas or statements with facts, facts or examples. If C-style is given the procedure and routine, this gives them the assurance that they are doing the project correctly. Finally, the C style can be motivated by detailed job descriptions, expectations and rules. Hype, recognition, tours, etc. Don't necessarily encourage C style action. Keep track of proven methods, detailed procedures, and clear expectations, and they will deliver and follow through.


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