Choice and confidence

It is interesting to examine and investigate the matter of choice, is it not, as we make choices every day, better or worse.

So what's the choice? Let's look at the dictionary: the act of choosing between two or more options. Very well, you might think. But if there is something that is truly valid, then there are two options that exist – to meet the criteria – equally equal to the probability of balance, otherwise nothing but power, choosing one over another. Being forced to choose is not a choice! Do you see?

True choice is not biased, bias is powerful and leaves no choice. Since the choice is as desirable, it is a true choice. Then you can definitely choose and the choice is not consumed by you! That's what I'm trying to move! But it is so hard to see, because we are used to being forced to choose, and we lose the ability to distinguish between true choices and compulsions. Have you ever heard of saying, "I have nothing but …?" Well, that's what I'm talking about. And sometimes this is true. But not as a rule of thumb. Here's why.

Some form of knowing, clue competition. If I want to know if I'm beautiful or ugly, what do I do? I compare myself to someone. And if I've been conditioned to believe I'm ugly, because the statement is true, I will compare myself to beautiful people and vice versa; If I have been conditioned to believe that I am beautiful, then I am dealing with ugly people. However, I can develop an objection to the purpose of comparison, so I keep my faith. Where is the choice?

What kind of comparison destroys Individuals, what I am really, apart from words, comparisons, and descriptions. An individual is an innocent act of perception in which comparison is the act of derivative outcome. I am not a consequence, whether mathematical, linguistic or some kind of deduction. I am a living being, I started, continue and succeed. No description of any kind can completely describe me, divide or represent me. But language is misleading, beware!

True choice begins with: "If it doesn't matter, then I choose …". If that matters, you are not choosing, you are not free, you are obliged. Your choice is limited and the restriction denies very freedom. How subtle and how dangerous! Next time you make a decision, ask yourself, "If it doesn't matter, what would I want?" And be honest, you will know the answer to that. Look where you are forced to make a decision: You will know that the right to choose is free or yours. If you choose against your will, it is dangerous because your will and freedom are degraded and your control is transferred from inside to outside.

Your center moves out and you feel the manager rather than being in control. And you feel like a fish with a hook in your mouth and want to save you but find it impossible. You are in the mercy of the outer world and the result is guilty. Have you ever been guilty? Now you know why. Because the decision is made for you and you are expected to commit yourself. And all the moves against hope offer the feeling of doing wrong.

How can something that is really desired, it is good for you, to be wrong for you? Since when is our case responsible for our choice? Being the author of our lives? Own and honest authors, not the feeling that the world is falling apart and I will do what is asked of me to hold it together?

You may have heard of Freud and Superego. That's where the guess comes from. The Superego is our so-called "social conscience" which means that we draw a line and give the pressure to be consistent. And consistency destroys the announcement of freedom, being the author of your life. When this freedom is taken from you, you become a sheep, a servant of society, which is the community that wants from you.

Follow the instructions of elite elite, upper class, policemen and dating. And in part, that's where addiction in all forms arises. It depends on the outside source for our happiness and well-being. Who can be a drug, a person, an organization, a religion, etc. It makes you powerless and hopeless because any kind of consistency is a kind of reliability. They are one and the same evil that makes you powerless, dependent and frightened.

Krishnamurti, a well-known philosopher of philosophy said: "… to the psychological interior, we are aware of our answers? Are we aware when we are not telling the truth when we look in double when we say one thing and do something else , when we quote others? You follow this whole phenomenon of being used, which is to be traditional, that is fit – according to the example. "And why do we need examples? Isn't that consistent, because it's not imitation, fear, power, and follow-up? Everything that is traditional. We've got thousands of examples – right? And we want to be. And thus, the affirmation, not verbal, is essentially power. Traditionally, the consequences of authorization, consistency, imitation, the following. "

Joseph Campbell, a well-known scholar, put it this way:" If you follow your bliss, put yourself on some kind of path that's been there all the time waiting for you and the life you bought to live When you see So, you start to meet people who are in your field, and they open the door for you. where you didn't know they were. "

My friend, starting to live your life from within, being the author of your life rather than a follower. You will surely know who you are and where you are on the road. Take your own path and not in the footsteps [19659002] The universe made you unique, not clone.When you truly live from within, honestly and unashamedly, without guilt and pressure, you will discover the true nature and that your true nature is also the nature of another: living will be effortless and life happy, the world will turn to beauty and you will be full of the taste of love.

Johnny Atman


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