Change your life – Use energy cleaning to achieve life that changes the results that stand

I'm sure you've heard the change is constant in the universe. Change is the only thing we can trust – but what happens when you want to change and don't change?

The Unconscious
Most of that time is unconscious in the control of things in your life. Most people don't know this. They do not understand that unconscious presidents account for 90% of their lives. When it said that you use only 10 percent of his brain – this is where it comes from. The other 90 percent work under the surface, such as a submarine, out of touch and outside study.

When you release unconsciousness, you have a "mistake to communicate". Unconscious is a powerful force in your life – and if left behind your own devices, it gets chaotic. Carl Jung, a well-known psychologist, worked in symbols, markings and archetypes, and talked a lot about unconsciousness – he defined some of the qualities we still use today.

The shadow – The Dark Side of the Force
We all have the shadow side that we mainly choose not to see. When you find yourself complaining a lot about another person, finding a way and criticizing him or her, your shadow is at work. The faults or problems you have with others, especially those who are most at you – are your case – not theirs. Jesus spoke of this when he said, "Remove the beam from your own eyes, before you try to remove the panel from your brother." When you do not have your shadow, the light within the tasks of other people, so that everything you see is your own shadow – not the person or their problem. But you don't admit it as your shadow – instead you see it as a flaw in another.

When you take on your shadow – when you accept, love and forgive the darkest things yourself – the shadow merges with you and becomes the power of your life – it is no longer a task for other people. As long as you describe the shadows of others, you are a victim of your life's circumstances. Your own shadow gives you the power. Your own negative attributes define the positive ones. When you do not know and possess your shadow, it rebels, as it requires recognition. From your board, the dark side will entertain you every time.

The Anima and Animus
Hidden deep in unconscious are Anima in man and Animus in woman. For a man, Anima represents his femininity. When pushing his softer side around him, he pushes his feelings, can communicate with women, loudly at any "feminine" or soft, and can even abuse women. Anima's refresh comes with alarming consequences. For the woman, Animus is her inner man. When it pushes it, it's one thing that happens when it comes to men who are domineering, directing, and prominent or can become self.

These two assumptions in the psyche affect how we deal with the opposite sex. If they are submissive or out of control – it leads to a communication hamper and attracts the wrong person in your life – every time without fail.

Embrace Anima or Animus brings the power back into your life and allows you to choose what kind of relationship you prefer rather than relegate your relationship to an unconscious outcome.

When energy goes fast
We are out of energy – like anything else around us. The first rule in the science of thermodynamics tells us "energy never dies, it just changes form." The same energy that keeps the life cycle going is at work in your life right now. We start naturally prominent and joyful as children like energy are constantly moving through us; but when we fire, unconscious shadows, Anima or Animus or other patterns begin to strengthen or crystallize, and the energy sticks to places in the soul, in your emotions and in the body, until the final release of death. When the energy comes, you find yourself in the same communication case and let you know that wrong people are repeating. You might have a job problem or a monetary problem. Worse, though, you may have chronic illness or illness.

Energy Clearing
Meditation is one type of energy that purifies people, but it does not address the deficiencies of the soul. We all have issues – whether we choose to know it or not. Our caregivers went on to bite their issues from the moment of arrival and as we grow – until 5 to 8 years old. Our caregivers, our parents, grandmothers, older siblings, and other documentaries unconsciously applied their programs to our little hard drives – and what got stuck became the way we go through life. These things helped to form our self, our personality, our shadow, Anima or Animus, and what else is locked in there that we don't know about.

Refusing to embrace and unite with these powerful inner documentaries prevents you from growing. It keeps you locked into self-harm and destruction. Unconscious uses your life as a movie screen – and the movie is playing now. Will it be a blockbuster or just another movie that disappears into oblivion?

Until you take conscious control of your life and embrace your inner archetypes, the image you live will never be your own.


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