Build your self-confidence with self-awareness

If you want to work towards achieving complete confidence, start building self-awareness. Self-awareness means having the courage to get to the concept itself – physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual – including both strengths and weaknesses in each area.

If you are happy with yourself for any reason, deal with what you fear immediately before it can cause your lasting self-determination. The only thing we can change about ourselves is the ones we are willing to recognize. When we deny that someone, or something, controls our self-confidence, we become idle and refuse to take action.

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, "What led to my little self-esteem?" Was it an ignorant comment, poor body image, rejection, a major blow to your life, etc.? Try to be as honest as possible and determine the cause exactly.

The next step would be to find solutions to eliminate the cause. I do not suggest you begin to avenge revenge for all individuals who have been with you. And surely, you can't turn around and ask for something else to do. A potential way has more to do with your thinking. Change the way you think about the people or things or situations that make you little confident.

It is a normal reaction to get back into your shell if you have been injured or rejected before. But how long will you allow people or situations to keep you from reaching your full potential and living a pleasurable life?

Release the time you have sent to correct you. Get a new perspective on life. Immerse yourself in books, music, and movies that inspire you. Cut something into your life that makes you little yourself.

Another way to build a self-awareness is to look at how you talk to yourself. Do you tend to sit down when you make a mistake? If so, stop. Take good care of you and say, "Next time, I'll decide to do better."

Learn to verify yourself. Sure, you might have weaknesses, but you also have the ability. One of the best ways to build your self-esteem is to define the areas where you are good and use them.

Also, be aware that from this stage you and yourself alone are responsible for your confidence. So like yourself. Suffice you well that even when you are not with others, you can be left alone.

Now that you know yourself better, get a clearer idea of ​​what you want most from life. With a higher level of confidence, you can allow yourself to stop gaining more, reaching more and reaching people.


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