BALANCE: The best defense against stress!

Stress is like a rubber band stretched to the limit. Without the pressure coming up, he will snap. Harvard Health Sciences says: "Severe, persistent stress … adds" wear and tear and "ultimately diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes." Release the rubber band … by restoring the balance of your life.

Some stress is really useful: it encourages and stimulates us. But when stress is uneven, our problem begins. Many of us are labeled for stress. Steve says: "Stresslessness is a professional suicide in my field. We are all so interchangeable that you just suck it up and try to hide stress."

Imagine two people who have a weight on a pole between them. If your weight falls into one person, her weight gets heavier! But if she pushes the weight, the load is in a hurry and becomes much easier to carry. Balance: Learn how to push unwanted stress so you can live without breaking.

There are three fundamentals of all stress: fear, worry, and doubt. Whether it's a timely proposal at work, a big check by clearing your bank account, a child who is leaving later and later or even a "fun" push, like a dinner for a group of friends.

You don't have to drop your load, just balance it. When things become unbalanced, stress becomes overwhelming.

As the Lord Krishna says, "Yoga is not possible for one who eats too much or eats too little, who sleeps too much or sleeps too little, O Arjuna." (Gita 6.16)

Let's push everything back into balance, turn the charts and manage stress rather than let it control you! The word BALANCE keeps us focused on our goal:

• Be quiet – you can see this and get through it!
• Always tell the truth. Don't play games; don't lie.
• Allow these moles to be alone; Don't build them in the mountains! Focus on solutions.
• appetite – embracing a balanced diet and lifestyle; Choose a quiet song, not a festive mess. Quiet music lowers blood pressure and reduces cortisol, stress hormone.
• N o – a new response to material desires that lead you away from your goal of BAL-ANCE! Don't try to control everything; learn to say no and let go.
• Communications – Be a good organizer and broker. Speak and Listen: A good relationship ship with friends and loved ones is important for every healthy lifestyle.
• Scape; take a vacation, or just within walking distance of nature. Or escape through yoga, pra-nayam (breathing) exercises, meditation and prayers.

Some claim that they love stress and prosper. "I'm just one of those people who works well under pressure," says Ed. Physiologically, this is impossible! Even though Ed doesn't notice it, the damage is real: a stressed body secreting toxins, weakening the immune system and causing all types of immune disorders including cancer. We get or lose an unhealthy amount of weight. We suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems without realizing it, or from soreness or digestive problems.

Stress can cause you to lose everything: happiness, health, wealth and peace of mind!

With these three quick steps – try them at work! – you can release stress immediately, recover balance in any situation:

1. Take a deep breath. Keep them as long as you can (15 to 45 seconds) and then slowly release. Repeat up to three times.
2. Stay silent for a few minutes. If possible, sit down for a few minutes.
3. Drink a glass of room temperature water.

Lainey is a mom who has learned the secrets of balance and has recently switched to a lower job. "I would rather live cleanly and keep my health – and spend time with my children – instead of making more money and getting sick." A balanced lifestyle is required for stress-free and carefree life and eternal happiness and peace.

If you keep balance in your daily life, your whole life will be balanced. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself."

Prayer releases endorphins and increases the threshold of calm in the body. When you re-emphasize your stress in life, affirmations like "I'm Relaxing" or "I'm Quiet" are beginning to come true as the benefits of inner peace flow to you.



If you have a few minutes (it's really all it takes!), This longer meditation will help you get through the particularly exciting time of your life.

1. Choose a clean, quiet place. Put comfortably, still and straight. Make sure your back, spine, chest, neck and head are straight and aligned (3 inch thick pillow under your hips helps hold back and Spanish straight).

Close your eyes gently.

3. Breathing method: Breath is a source of pure energy (the source of life). The speed of our spirit is proportional to the speed of our emotions. When our minds are quiet, we breathe slowly and vice versa.

• To breathe deeply, breathe slowly and spiritually, "Relax" – 3X (Relaxation)
• Breathe in spirit and exhale:

• Breathe deeply and breathe slowly – 3X (Awareness)
] • Breathe deeply and hold for 10 seconds. Breathe in slowly and spiritually, "Re-salmon" – 3x (Relaxation)
• Breathe deeply for 20 seconds. Breathe slowly and spiritually, "Re-salmon" – 3x (Relaxation – Stress)
• Breathe as a rule. Check and follow your breath from your nostrils as it enters and exits (intervention and exhalation). Do not control your breath. Try to say "Relax" with every inhalation.

4. Find and experience your muscles becoming loose and exciting every time you say "Relax".

5. Relax completely, move from your toe to head. Focus on your toes and then on each part of your body upwards and say "Relax" when you reach every part of your body.

6. You should look at every body of the body, every part of the body (the name of the organs: feet, knees, loins, hips, stomach, thoracic, kidney, liver, intestine, heart, lungs, pancreas, etc.), each of the cells of the body, all DNA, genes, nucleotides, ATCG are relaxed. Get deeper and deeper into all particles, atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, the body, and suffer from relaxation devices. Feel that your whole body is relaxed in energy.

7. Now that you are approaching more and more relaxed conditions, add this confirmation. Say:

• I'm relaxed.
• My muscles are relaxed.
• My body is relaxed.
• My mind is quiet.

8. Check the relaxation of the body, peace of mind. Continue to sit for 10 minutes or more by enjoying this relaxed, calm condition.

9. Rub your hands and put them around the head and body, focusing on a particular area that needs attention. Hold them on your eyes, and then gently open your eyes.


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