Are you failing yourself?

Failure is not always bad

When things don't turn out as you plan …
… not just do something – sit there!

Projects that you have won very well will go a bit. You will not receive the presentation you were about to submit. You've given yourself everything, worked really, very hard, but … Sometimes things don't feel like you're going. Could it be that what you were trying to control heaven and earth was simply not yours?

We as Americans do not like to hear it. We consider it a personal failure when we fail to reach the goal we have set for ourselves. When things are not moving, excitement is trying harder, working even longer, and pushing even further. We remember the story of the two frogs that fell into a convex of cream. One cave up and died. The other, however, fought and fought until finally all his churning began to turn cream into butter, which he used as a stepping stone to climb out. That's what we tell children to teach them not to give up. It's a good, necessary lesson to learn, but it doesn't apply in all cases.

Possibilities [Not] Unlimited

We live in an infinite universe, full of infinite abilities, but that does not mean that our individuality is unlimited. At the basic level, we are who we are and that is unchanged. If you are born with blue eyes, you can have contacts to cover the fact, but nothing can change the reality that your eyes are blue. Even, you were born with a blend of gifts and talents and unique characteristics. The trick is to discover and then sharpen and finally express the highest version of yourself – to be exactly who you are. Then success is not far behind.

When you try to be something that you are not or do something you are not trying to do you are fighting the times. An acorn can't become an apple tree, no matter how hard it tries. When we struggle and struggle and success is not achieved, it can simply be because we have been trying to turn ears into apple juice. No amount of decision will make it happen. When we struggle to do something, we have to ask ourselves what is driving us?

Where is the will – it's a wall

Get yourself out of the road and listen to your gut for a minute! It will always tell you the truth. If you listen to it, it will tell you that the apple tree you were trying to grow was never really what you wanted. You listen to the surface. Your own was involved. Maybe you were chasing money or fame. Or someone else told you you were cool if you did. You thought something on the outside would make you feel better, and it never works!

When you are expressing an idea arising from real you, it is very little you have to do to make it happen. You need to hone your features and become the best you can be. In other words, you have to plant acorn in the ground, give it a good soil, water it again and again – and then get off the road. The universe is growing. What will come is a strong, solid oak tree that was supposed to be. The universe does the job. You're not supposed to work hard!

Listen – what are you really passionate about? It will be your idea of ​​what your personal oak tree & # 39; is. Cut your best qualities, what you love the most and bring them to excellence. Thus, you create the conditions for your dreams to emerge. Then get out of the way. You're not supposed to do the rest. Things will fall into place with great ease.

Life is hard until you die is a BS

BS stands for a religious system. Finally, it's all you control. Your faith is the only thing you can really change about yourself.

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