A Native American breathing technique to calm emotions

When we perceive any situation, whether it be activity, sport, fight or anything else, it is important to be able to monitor without being emotionally alert.

When you see someone in great pain, your feelings might want to jump in so you can both good cry together – someone who cries them might help a little, but very little.

You can be more helpful if you are strong enough to lift that spirit and not allow your emotions to get in the way. It's called compassion – you put your mind in people's circumstances but just your mind while you are in a safe place and try to bring him to the same place where you are.

There are many situations in which you can allow your emotions to take over, but you would not have much help if you did. You can go through the children's room in a hospital where some children are all banded up, some might be in pain and they look at you with eyes full of hope, "Can you help me?" You look down to be helpless but even then you cannot allow your emotions to take over.

You can be more used to that child by just observing what it actually seems like trying to give it courage and reducing the fear and pain of the child.

Standing aside, you can lend help, strength and hope. Contact the person you are addressing with your own problems and ask him to intervene at this time. "If this is possible, touch this baby with healing hands and if it is within your will, please allow this baby to be free of pain and start to smile and enjoy life."

You may want to cry when you see this condition, but to help you will have to be idle. To learn how to observe without being overwhelmed with emotion, you can breathe deeply – showing that you breathe in power from high to strength.

You're not throwing your emotions, you're not tolerating them, they're still there, but you want to be strong enough to do good for yourself and others.

After you breathe in strength, the spirit desires to go apart and cry. It will not make you cold or undesirable. It will help you learn how to manage your own feelings so that you can help.

One of the most difficult things in my training was learning to respect without judgment and without getting me emotional – but that is how you can better allocate your own power in a way that really helps people.


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