7 Leading causes of stress

In 1967, Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe, of the University of Washington, conducted a study of the link between major events and illness. As part of that study, they compiled a chart of the main causes of stress. This photo, which contained 43 causes of stress in 1967, was updated to 55 causes in 2006. Appropriate society is finding more causes to emphasize.

If you knew the main causes of stress in your life, would you take action to destroy them? Can you eliminate stress – or is it an inactive condition that will be with you throughout your life, possibly causing your sudden death?

What is your leading cause of stress?

1. Finance

Most studies agree that finance is the leading cause of stress. In an online survey conducted in 2005 by LifeCare, Inc., 23 percent of respondents are named finance as the leading cause of stress in their lives. Financial pressures have led to a list in many modern surveys.

Some people who mention finance as the leading cause of stress indicate the main purchase they need to make, such as a home or a car. Others are stressed by a loss of income or a growing credit card debt. For some, financial strain will occur in bankruptcy. While college students focus on paying for education, Baby Boomers and seniors find retirement income a major cause of stress.

2. Work

Close tied finance as the cause of stress is work. Our jobs or jobs seem to cause constant stress. In the LifeCare survey, 21 percent of them considered responding to the leading cause of life stress.

How does a workplace cause stress? We are concerned about getting and maintaining adequate employment. We are concerned about new types of work or new responsibilities. We strive to climb pathways, a surprise of demands. Living conditions may change, or we may have human problems at work. Students, especially teenagers and university students, mention school work as the cause of stress. Occasionally, the workplace may be seen by others. Sometimes it comes to us.

3. Family

Family, wonderful though all members can be, is also a leading cause of stress. Good intelligence with spouse or other family members. Parents divorce. Children marry. Ebb and the flow of family life is full of stress. Child goes out – aging of parents moves in.

Family health is also a leading cause of stress. A sick family member, severe injury, pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion causes any stress. Other kind of family settings also bring stress. Acceptance, transfer and work for only one family member can cause stress to everyone.

4. Personal concerns

Personal concerns that are only indirectly created by others are other main causes of stress. Lack of control is a list of personal concerns. Every person has a deep desire to control their own lives. When control is weak or missing in a particular area, we experience stress. For many, lack of control over their own time is a leading stress factor. We want to determine when we do projects at home or at work. Keeping a job, participating in the children's divorce at school, taking family to football, shopping, and scouting meetings while trying to keep the home running can create a lot of stress. You want to manage your time, rather than letting others & # 39; requirements control it, but it is not always possible.

We could take part in litigation that causes stress. We might be struggling with bad habits. We could go through changes. Personal change of any kind may be the cause of stress.

5. Personal health and safety

Most people find that personal health is the leading cause of stress. For some, stress is related to obesity and the desire to lose weight. For others, stress is an individual health hazard that must be changed. For example, smoking, abuse of alcohol or other drugs. Sugar or injury, which is less or more severe, can be a leading cause of stress in many people. Urinary incontinence can be a continuing concern. Personal health is more or less stressful depending on how serious and personal the health outlook is.

Personal safety is also the leading cause of stress. Women, more than men, tend to focus on their own and others & # 39; security. Adults tend to focus on more than young people, who can be invincible. Crime is a factor, as is

6. Personal Relationship

Whether it be friendship, dating, separation, marriage, divorce or marriage, the relationship can be a leading cause of stress in many people. We all want love, and it is possibly available in relationships, but getting from A to B can be very stressful. Some resort to online relationships that are easier to handle. Others withdraw and become withdrawals. However, demands for time, finances and emotions can cause continued stress.

7. Death

Probably the most aggressive cause of stress is the death of a loved one or a close friend. Even a dead pet can be stressful. Children are always a source of stress for parents, but when a child dies, stress is overwhelming. The same is true when the spouse's life span takes place.

Work or lose

Causes of stress change when we fire. The stressed child as a tantrum thread becomes a young student, stressed by a bully school. The young student becomes a teenager, stressed by acne, hormones and dating. The adolescent will have a young adult trying to cope with the stress of going home, adapting to college and managing finances. Life takes place in first jobs, marriage, children and so on. Even if you go to a remote cabin in the woods, stress will accompany you.

Knowing the main causes of stress is important. The use of this knowledge to work on unhealthy stress is important.


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