3 actual methods to help you reduce stress

Designed to do anytime, anywhere!

When your thoughts go out of control, your stress pressures will be out of control. It's hard for you to breathe and your body feathers tense. By drawing your attention from your mind into the body, you can start calming your system down. This turn will help you slow down your thoughts and make you feel more relaxed.

Below are 3 easy methods proven to reduce stress. Try them all out and then commit to testing each technology for at least a week, so you can really master them. Then in the future you will have stress reduction tools that you can call at any time!

1. Breath Control – 1 minute

Standing up or sitting This is designed to help the spirit move further into the body and help you feel more relaxed. Breathe in deeply and hold your breath by 5. Breathe in full. Repeat 5 times or more. Open your eyes slowly.

2. Short meditation to soften your muscles – 1 minute

Stand up or sit This can be done anywhere. Stand in the queue, wait for a train, shower, on your table, on the couch, while waiting for someone, at the beginning or end of the meeting … – Close your eyes. – Soften your muscles around your eyes. Relax them completely. – Soften your muscles behind your eyes. Let them go completely. – Now draw your attention to your body and soften your muscles there. Relax them completely. – Now pay attention to your stomach muscles. You don't have to push them out or keep them inside.

Just release them. – Take 3 deep, relaxing breaths while keeping everything soft. – Take 30 seconds, look down, open your eyes and slowly return to the room.

3. Grounding – 2 minutes

Get up – Close your eyes – Find your center of gravity by jumping gently back and forth until you find the center where you find stability. – Feel your feet firmly planted in the ground, find the energy of the earth. – Nothing can happen to you. You can't fall. You are fully supported. – Imagine going down to the ground, which allows you to climb. You are totally supported. – Feel the Earth's energy moving up your body: in the feet, groin, abdomen, chest and head. Find it to enter every cell in your body. – Notice how strong your body is. Notice how high you feel. Notice how you're supported. Open your eyes easily.


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