Your self – Find your mission and survive with purpose in the earth

In the process of becoming a perfect person, we wondered why our existence was. We seek to find our role and live with purpose on earth. These lifestyles can be considered insignificant in our modern world, compared to business and finance issues. But how we respond to them is necessary for our well-being. A feeling of greater purpose and human destiny allows us to continue with hope.

You will be completely human through your feelings.

The stars are your ancestors. Their atom fills your body. You are a star dust. On the basic level you have light vibration. You are walking on the earth as a radiant light. You are a child star. You belong to a large interconnected family. On a clear night, the stars looked. Think about your relationship with them with a sense of wonder.

You are here on earth to grow and grow as a person. You are called to make all life and humanity flourish. When you reconnect with the earth and the true self, renew life and purpose. You bring healing and peace to a troubled world. You play a variety of roles in the new geoscience.

You will become a more perfect person with your sense of connection.

We are only tiny panels living on a small blue planet in a massive universe. What is our role here? How do we live as individuals in a diverse and complex world? Subsequently, we are more likely than otherwise. We want to live as a meaningful life. We want to understand and thank others. We long for society.

Everything in the universe is connected to everything else. We are not only connected to each other. We're also connected to Planet Earth. The Earth is a sacred community as part of all living things. Its members belong to the entire universe. Each member has a unique role to play as a whole. You have the ability to embrace the earth's economy. Feeling of unity is in the heart of being perfectly human and spiritually conscious.

You will be completely human with your power to create.

Now is the heroic time to live. It is a time of great destruction and time for significant creation. Our home, Planet Earth, is in trouble. Mankind has lost its sense of belonging to the earth. We have lost interest in the inner self. But opportunities are abundant. We can choose to live in a way that conforms to the Earth pattern. We can establish a new welfare.

You live in a complex interconnected world. You're part of the whole. Your words and actions have a ripple effect on all of this. You apply subtle effects to just who you are. You are a powerful creator. What you say and do does not only affect your own life, but also the world.

Life is an adventure full of danger and risk, but also an immune system. You were born to create. You have reason to be on earth. You play a well-known role in a growing Earth community. Do you have the courage to accept your mission and purpose?

Follow the desire of your hearts and honor the true self. Believe in your power to create growth and harmony in you and in the world. Live every day with meaning and purpose.


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