Time Management: Creating high performance work methods

All human beings are ordinary creatures, even though habits are lazy or insecure, it is always rhythm. The difference between a manufacturer and a sterilizer is in the routine they have allowed to develop. If your goal is to become productive, you need to know how to change your daily routine to match the task you need to do.

Before you start developing these new practices, you have to deal with three aspects of your mindset.

1 – Start your mental chaos. If your head is swimming with information or emotional trouble, you're not going very far. Learn how to prioritize and control spiritual energy and focus on the mission that exists, no matter what.

2 – Collect all your loose ends. All aspects of your life that please require immediate attention are not meant to let you continue your work in peace, so to receive and continue them. Clearly, you can't solve all your problems in one session, but the feeling that you have at least started to deal with them will help you stay focused.

3 – Specify what sucks most of your energy. There are areas in your life that inevitably take a lot of you. You need to be aware of this and know how to deal with them. By controlling your energy, it is one of the most important steps in becoming a productive and efficient professional.

At this point, you have already made significant changes to your lifestyle just by changing the way you look at it. Now there are some areas of your daily life that you need to change. An important point here would be to start small and be patient. If you change everything on the first day, you will be overwhelmed and feel that you cannot. Likewise, even when you make small changes, days when you sit up. Be prepared to acknowledge these moments without losing your goals.

Here is a list of some of the changes you may need to make in your normal life:

– Be as much as possible and make sure your working hours are consistent with your body rhythm. If you are a morning person, you do not want to do most of your work after midnight.

– Whatever time you decide is best to fit your own natural pace, be disciplined and hold it even on the days when it is more difficult .

– Make a list. The most important are daily experimental and short-term and long-term goals.

– Make sure to focus on getting what you have done instead of talking about getting it. This seems obvious, but when you make a conscious effort to notice when you're making this mistake, notice how easily it happens.

– Write down what you have done when you finish each action and reward yourself with a little snack, short walk or something like that, but only when it's done!

– Do not allow other people to contract you for indefinite, sterilization. Your priority during working hours is to get your work done.

– Do what you feel like doing first and get it done. It will make the rest of the day much easier.

Finally, whatever you do, be positive. Negativeness is Killer's productivity!


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