The way to destroy in 7 simple steps

How do you eat elephants? The usual answer is "One Bite at a Time!". In fact, the same answer is how to reduce stress.

Break it down into its elements, into small pieces of pieces, and then it doesn't look a bit like it. Each step will be easy enough and "do-able". And once you get them all done, you'll find that you've accomplished your mission. It's the same by lowering your load levels.

Here's a way to deal with stress in 7 easy steps.

Step 1. Quiet time. This means that you need to invest for some time on your own so that you can destroy and have much more energy. If you do not or neglect it, you may expect to be much more consumed with stress.

Step 2. Remember the Spirit . This step is very important because keeping the spirit builds up tension. Breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress.

Step 3. To practice gratitude. This will mean that when you are stressed, this is the best time for you to train gratitude. It also means that gratitude helps you to be grateful for little things.

Step 4. Soothing Music . This will likely involve purchasing CDs or downloading a relaxing song that you can listen to while you are working or even at work.

Step 5. Count to One . An important factor that you need to remember here must be 20 and count back to one. The reason why this may be important is that it takes more of your brain to count back and keeps your thoughts stressful.

Step 6. Talk to a spouse. Talking to a good friend is often the best way to relieve stress, as long as you think you have "urination" for under five minutes. Over five and you get more stressed out!

Step 7. Meditation . You are now almost there! Keep your eyes clear, look for inhalation and exhalation and soothe your brain. Even if you only think for two to five minutes, it will help you destroy both at home and at work.

Although you are the steps outlined above, the elusive issue needed to take one step at a time, "destroy" and treat it. You will be less stressed on a regular basis and enjoy your life, work and family life. Kudos to you!


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