The Ultimate Stress Management Strategy from the Dog

This is probably the business and most stressful time of the year. There is so much that needs to be done on top of what you need to do. And work? Well, there are as many requirements as ever.

I thought I'd introduce you to my very good friend who has taught me a lot about how to deal with stress. His name is Cecil, and he is my 3-year-old retriever. I bet you ask yourself what a dog might possibly know about the issues of balance between work and life. Actually, I think he's probably the leading expert in this field.

You see, Cecil is not a regular dog. He is my eye dog, which means that he has a lot of stress and incredibly demanding work. Cecil's daily routines for buses, rolls, lifts, busy intersections and numerous sidewalks while ensuring my safety at all times.

However, Cecil knows how to release steam and play. In fact, unlike most people who experience workplace stress, Cecil accompanies them on a daily basis. And he is very compelled to play his time.

When Cecil came to live with me for more than a year, I got a bell hang to hang out at the door, so Cecil could point out when he had to go beyond "business duty". Little did I know then that he would also use this bell to "demand" playtime. But that is exactly what this bell has become. He rarely uses anything other than to indicate that he wants to go out to play. And he will continue to call the bell until he gets up! How many people do you know, is it time to play time after a hard day at work? Are you?

What usually happens when you focus, you forget to do very much that can help you reduce stress. Why? Because this happens, it takes time away from all the things that must absolutely be done; time you simply do not have.

The truth is, if you take a little time to play when you are most stressed, then you will find that you have more energy to deal with what needs your attention. This means that time-consuming play has enabled you to cope with work and life demands and don't really cost anything!

So take some time out each day and play. There is no need to be careful. Just have fun and keep the strings bell at the door so you won't forget!


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