The idea of ​​being independent

Confidence provides a spiritual state that can be met by this principle. It is a way of building independence. Collaboration works most adequately when individuals are capable. Appropriate self-conflicts do not contradict in cooperation, on the contrary, make it perfect and that benefit.

Self-reliance can be explained when looking at the independence of life. It's solid and strong. As it is so special, it shows two very different aspects.

In general, self-confidence is likely to be a negative word. Much focused on it, an independent person often looks on the outside. He is not going to listen to another opinion, because he is so confident or thinks as scared. As stated in Read Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Self-Confidence" – "The only right is what constitutes my constitution, the only right thing against it." Man is moving to opposition to his environment. Historians, especially stories of significant numbers, are abundant in such cases. Qin Shi Huang (Emperor Qin) was the first emperor in China to unite the whole country. However, he was also criticized for his cruel rule. He was so independent that he ignored the position of the public. In his eyes, common people change only to obey or disobey.

Although capable of driving people to ignorance, self-reliance is also beneficial. So far, there have been some important people in my life who told me that the only person can help you is yourself. As an old Chinese saying says, "Long water does not set near fire." When problems occur, there is a direct way to solve it DIY. It doesn't mean not asking for help, everyone needs help for some time. However, if ever attack others; one will gradually reduce his capacity. It can be fatal. If you can resist, don't ask others to help you.


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