Team Sport Advantages and Disadvantages for Your Child

Nowadays, children who are not going to school, practice sport, mostly in team sports. And, like so many things, it also has the advantages and disadvantages of physical, emotional, and spiritual areas.

The decision is greater, the pros or the disadvantages depend on the parents and children 's perspective.

– They will learn the value of cooperation
– They will learn how to work in a team
– They will develop their ability to trust someone else
– They will learn how to choose solid men
– They will make more friends

Emotional disadvantages:

– pressure to be best
– possibility of not being the best
– a possible emotional effect

Mental benefits:

– Physical activity stimulates the brain
– Sport is a way to relax stress and pressure from the school, because after

Mental disadvantages:

– competitive sport has priority over education
– study may be neglected
– lack of spiritual challenge [19659002] Physical benefits:

– they will learn the benefits of being fit, limber and strong
– it ensures great and healthy the growth of the child's body
– they will be protected by obesity [19659002

– risk of chronic injury
– early overuse of the joints, ligaments and muscles can lead to joints and mental disorders, arthritis, back and neck problems issues need to be kept in mind over and over before deciding on the type of sport your child will practice.


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