Survive to potential

"Creating one's potential" is a phrase that is bantered about school, workplace, and home. Although it is often considered a motivation, as in "Get away from you and did it", it is realistic to achieve it. Or if that were possible and you caught the top rung and grab the brass ring, to say, what would come next? Almost if you have achieved that, you mean it and then nothing but emptiness and emptiness. Thus, potentially meaningless miracles, goals of vague lines will become definitions and demarcations and an unacceptable question: And now what?

Although potentially covering potential, promising and prospective prospects, they have simply become words without direction, scaffolding or guidance. If it is not clear that clarity exists and information is provided, how would a child or adult understand what is needed to realize the potential? Instead of contributing to "living up to potential" what to explain and describe exactly what is meant. For the first ladder to live up to his mathematical potential, he needs to add automation, for example. No fingers counting, not guessing, not fiddling with counting and classifying things allowed but rather knowing with ease that 2 + 2 = 4. It results from the child should also understand the term 2 pears plus 2 pears equals 4 pears like that It should be noted that 2 bulbs plus 2 peaches are not equal to 4 "bulbs".

For adult opportunities, it may include moving from a post office to an instructor with a lot of work and dedication over time. Creating a Leadership Initiative does not mean learning a boss, utilizing it, and empowering with bullying, but guiding and building through innovation, intuition, influence, and inspiration. And while this might mean that I, I, I, true leaders recognize the talents and abilities of all the team members, and then build success based on everyone's combined talents. "To live up to leadership potential" is a nebulous sentence and without planning and preparation is condemned to failure or at least not covered by the actual potential where nothing is defined or clear.

And what happens to those who don't create opportunities? By not coming to the top (whatever it may be), what cannot be survived seems to be a failure. After all, if they did not achieve this impossible success, how can they be determined as effective? When you tell the child that he is unable to attend, this is just one way of saying, "You have failed." And what kind of motivation is that? No!

I am therefore commended honest, simple conversation and communication. If I admit that the add-on is a problem for a child, then I have to learn where the fallards might endure while discussing how and why and where to add two numbers before. I need to find adequate exercises and refinance tools so that the child can succeed and then go to the next level of difficulty. And with the company's leaders, the one who moves from the post office to the supervisor, I have to provide training and guidance along the way. There must be experience and opportunity to demonstrate individuality and team management and compromise. There must be an opportunity to demonstrate creativity and visionary eyes. There must be research and strengthening of visual devices and applications. There will only be enough support to help you grow without disturbing personality. So, instead of jabbing for potential, it's time to clarify expectations and focus on strengths and informed weaknesses and gaps so that they can be corrected and succeeded.


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