Stressful self-killing – how to let it go

Life doesn't have to be as difficult as we do it. But it can take a lifetime to figure it out. In fact, the main job we face is learning to see how we unconsciously damage our lives. When we actually see our own pattern of sabotage, we can begin to let go of them so that they become free.

How do we know and release unconscious self-harm? The first and most difficult step is to identify signs of vandalism. So what are these signs? There are two basic signs. The first is stress, whether physical, mental or emotional. Another is off. Whenever you experience stress, it is a sign of self-injury! Whenever you get sick or feel pain, you've probably been unwell!

Stress and disease are the consequences of a certain way to relate to life. They are no longer unavoidable but it is inevitable that tomorrow will be a cloudy day. They are experiences that we have been involved in creating, big by assuming we do not have control because life is really asking us to take control and become ourselves! Stress and disease are signs that we are happy. From the track to find our true and authentic self. Finding and expressing our true self is what life is supposed to be about.

When you're really in the groove, in the area, perfectly present for yourself and your world, you're stress-free and sick and life is really effortless. It doesn't mean we can just request our way to uncomfortable living. It is difficult to find a way to exercise for one reason and one reason alone: ​​We optimize our pressure. We justify them. We justify being the victims of life. We say that our condition is to teach someone else. Or to teach the economy. Or to teach your doctor. Or even our own fault. (It's called autobiography, which is just another way to dig deep grave for ourselves.)

Some of us streamline more than others, but we all do it. The goal is to recognize the enemy and stop participating in the game optimization. We must admit that we create whatever we have and consciously set up to create what we want. At least as important, we have to recognize how we have created what we have now, so we can avoid continuing with behaviors that got us where we are now!

You change your pattern by becoming more aware of what you do that involves you playing the victim. And then you release the role of the victim by focusing on the freedom role. It involves focusing on the step-by-step steps that you know by feeling free rather than controlling and being an entrepreneur instead of reacting. You point your nose in the direction you want to go. There are millions of ways to point you in the right direction and become more free. Here are some tips:

1) tame fear and dissatisfaction by breathing deeply through your excitement

2) acknowledge and release the negative self-esteem you learned as a child and consciously act as an adult [19659002] 3 release to judge others and yourself

4) change the focus on what you fear with a clear view of what you want to enter into life

5) practice moments at the moment and let the body relax

Next when you feel tension, fear, anger, or pain, look at it, and then quietly and quietly refuse to respond, you destroy it. Notice that your fear is all about the little you were criticized and done to suffer little so long ago. And allow yourself to have a big, beautiful, peaceful and strong you underlying the terrible little self-esteem. Identify yourself with your effortless essence and watch what happens!

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