Reflexology – Efforts to reduce pain and stress

Reflexology, ancient treatment for pain and stress expansion, has increased in popularity in the modern times. Reflexologists believe that there are certain things on the feet and hands that actually correspond to other organs in the body and rubbing them with the right technology can stimulate the nervous system to restore health to other parts of the body.

While there is little scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of the regional therapy, those who have suffered massage say they have a significant impact on their health and well-being.

In some ways, regional therapy is similar to acupuncture where both treatments encourage the release of energy through the body. The only difference is that in acupuncture, specialists use needles to stimulate pressure points, but the area uses their hands to focus on these areas.

Stress Relief

When an individual is stressed, it is likely that diseases and infections will prevent our body from breaking down the body's defense system. The guide, whether with a hand mass or a foot pad, helps you find stress freedom by allowing positive healing energy to flow through your body and relax the muscles that are badly tightened by tension and stress. It opens the energy processes and renews the body. It restores the balance of the body that you have missed some bad events in your life and attracts your body into healing itself and gives you stress.

Improved circulation

Our body needs all the nutrients every day we take in our diet. Poor circulation prevents nutrients and oxygen from reaching all cells, causing it to poison the body. With regional therapy, the body becomes stressful so that our heart muscle can carry the blood of the blood naturally and freely to any part of the body.

Stronger immune system

By stimulating lymph node implants, the area helps prevent the attack of many infections and diseases. By clearing the body from harmful toxins that have accumulated inside us for many years and reducing impurities, the massage helps to produce endorphins that help maintain the strong immune system.

Treatment conditions

In addition to reducing your stress, the area can help you treat some medical conditions, such as blood pressure, intestines, neck problems, knee problems, hormonal disorders, etc.


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