Pros and cons of long penis

It has been sensed in the history of mankind to be a proud owner of a long penis to put someone in a privileged position. This privilege property has a monotony of interest among men in the community. One can almost say that this feature overshadows several social metrics such as power, money, and stuff that usually give people leverage over one another. But in contrast to popular beliefs, having the long penis is the pros and cons.

The Appeal Factor

Advantage: From a sexual perspective, many of you who facilitate the possible satisfaction of the long penis. There are many who only want to engage in sexual intercourse with those who have this desirable product. Cutting the look of a long penis is enough to make other aggressive people put up with their demand.

Disadvantages: There are also those who are threatened by the above-mentioned average length of these male sexual organs. When you look at one or even think of one that you can imagine is an unpleasant painful sexual experience. For those who know the mean size of the rectum or vagina, they know somewhat outside the average penis length of about 6 in. Is excessive and unnecessary for modest sexual pleasure.

The Girth Factor

Advantage: There are many of you who are able to be perfectly satisfied sexually with longer than moderate. You completely solve the potential pleasure that would come from the penis with the above averages versus length. But in some cases they are men out there who have the best of both worlds with girth and length. This makes everyone who already wants a long length very happy.

Disadvantage: Some of you simply simply go to a circle. It has been found that the most pleasing areas within the anus and / or vagina are between 2.5 to – 4 in from the entrance. Thus, it seems more fun to have a wide penis on average than a long penis that may lack the necessary flexibility.

The Performance Factor

Advantage: There are rectal and vaginal sites that simply cannot be achieved with a medium-sized penis. You will sometimes hear people say things like "I want to find the penis in the stomach" which causes the punishment to go deep into them. Some people find euphoric pleasure with this sexual privilege.

Disadvantage: There are several quick movements on sex that a person with a longer penis will not be able to perform. It is very dangerous and unhealthy that someone can try a position where the penis can bend to a large angle. This is especially true of a person with a longer length. Some will find heat from their spouse's body during sex to increase their experience. This is a luxury that a man with a long penis cannot provide.

The penetet factor

Advantage: The recipients of these colossal penalties have the rectum or vagina engorged with the penis for complete pleasure. Any deep itch needs the recipient to scratch with this penis, will get his wish. For those who indulge in sexual fulfillment, this is probably the most beneficial factor in dealing with a man with this large male organ.

Disadvantage: The man with the long penis will rarely get his entire pen happy during sexual intervention. In most cases, the lower part of this organization will miss the operation without its spouse deciding to otherwise enjoy that portion. This is one of the huge benefits of having an average sized penis.

It depends on what one wants from his sexual experience, but this can be either an advantage or a disadvantage. You choose.


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