Promoting prophecies

The respect of life is to take responsibility for your destiny. Your fate is not in the hands of anybody but in the control of someone but in your control. Countless prophecies could be declared by some of God's people. To stop eating crumbs in any of your life efforts, you must take your responsibilities seriously. This means that you must take God's word to prayer, that is, to make warfare with the words you have heard.

"Timothy, my child, I submit to this commandment, which is in accordance with the words of the prophecy spoken of in the past of you. Use these words as weapons to fight well and keep faith and conscience." 1 Timothy 1:18 (TEV)

Prophecy, what is it?

Prophecy can be defined as the official plan or thought of God with the inspired man of God for the benefit of a human being, a group of individuals, a country, or a nation. In other words, it means telling God and God's thinking. Thus, it involves speaking forth in the future, which God has declared in his words or prophecies about you. You set your life with destiny as you speak out the word of God that matters to the situation. Prophecy is primarily a statement of what is not known about the senses or known naturally. It is talking about God's will for the present or the future. Such a prophecy is a tool for resurrection, restoration, and restoration (Ezekiel 37: 1).

Promoting Prophecies:

You Must Believe: It is necessary that you believe or trust the prophet of God and his words. When you describe what has been said about your current or future, you need to believe it and describe it, then you will see its publication.

Use faith: "And without faith can not please God …."

You must know that believing in the prophecy is not enough. You're expected to go a step further with & ACT; & # 39; ACTING & # 39; out what you believe so you can enjoy their reality. Faith is the power that makes the prophecy a reality. Remember the woman with blood for 12 years? (Mark 5:28)

Activate the tongue tongue: "The tongue has the power of life and death …." Proverbs 18:21

You must understand that your tongue is loaded with power. Your tongue is lubricated so use it to maximize your advantage. Share what you want. If you want to leave your current position, you need to join your mouth to judge your wishes. Report your morning now.

Work diligently: "… if you do not want to work, then he shall not eat." 2 Its. 3:10)

Your current profession or work is a way in which God can make the prophecy of abundance a reality. Love is killing but lazy does it.

Pray More: The prayer of a good man has a great impact. "

You can ask prophecies in manifestation. When you kneel in prayer, you will be born of your sincere desires. The place of prayer cannot be emphasized.


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