Let your ideal body rationally and dance

Your potential body needs a feeling. You need to feel, imagine and get to know yourself the "ideal self" in a physically pleasing body, so that your movement toward your goal will be a fun experience. So how do you "meat" out and do your physical real life?

Whenever you can, take the time to make some luxurious imagination time of your thoughtful life. Maybe when you are just waking up from sleep and dream or a day queen. This is the perfect time before conscious mind has taken control. Fantasy and fantasy are an important part of childhood, enabling the brain to look for creative and positive ways to make things happen. As an adult, imagination and imagination can be used to allow your mind to create new ways to allow the body to explore the environment.

Determine which parts of your body you like and focus on your pleasure that you can create with different parts of your body. Get specific information on the characteristics, shape and body of the body. It can be as simple as the curvature of your neck, curling your hair, how your height looks and feels when it is right or touched. If you are looking at rolls in your stomach, think of ways to make them more sensible. Fat is a vital part of body metabolism. Saved fat is the energy that is waiting to be used. Fat also acts as a protective layer of energy to allow the nerves to transmit all of these wonderful feelings between the brain and the body.

Too much fat just waiting to get some shape, comfort you or use it, like the body muscles. (Fat only responds slower!) As a teacher of belly dancing – I'm still surprised how my body changes when I teach or dance. As I move my imagination into my body – muscles and fat actually align – they bend, bend, roll, and stretch the music or instructions I'm giving to students and my body. The form of belly dance is a creative way to play with muscles, organs and fat and give your mind different ways to assess the body's body. Many types of dance are asking the mind to move the body with the goal of playing! The game creates chemistry in the body that allows you to play in your life.

Using the mind and imagination to inspire the body's beauty is of the utmost importance to create happiness, happiness, and joy in the body. I want to emphasize the importance of actually using common sense, the five senses, the touch and the imagination to create freedom in the body. When you have created the feeling of freedom in the body, strengthen the neurotransmitters of the mind in the body and mind what is positive, viable and consistent with your ideal.

When you dance, you connect the creative and emotional centers of the brain with different parts of the body. Outstanding dance is one of the most powerful ways to connect your mind and body as you use a motor skills that require you to create movements where there is no need for the muscles to respond. When you improvise in dance, you are actually asking the body to do something.

Imagine a workout that allows you to take the place you want. As you would imagine this unexplained space with your mind – so you can imagine this space with your body. In Spanish dance training, you can allow your ideal self, ideally your body to begin moving into you. As you dance, imagine how ideal your body would move. There is no limit to your character in your imagination. The perfect thought requires this feeling without limitations – so it is ideal to meet your meat.

Even though you feel totally unable to move, dancing with the goal of simply feeling good about yourself makes a completely different "thought" and "feeling" ripple through the body. Dance is the easiest way to allow your body to move along with what it is happy with and let your mind float. Unparalleled dance makes a whole range of possibilities that are directly related to the music you choose, you and your body.

If you enjoy your body, you will have a good time enjoying yourself, no matter how "perfect" or "imperfect" you are. Sensuality is associated with inner happiness and pleasure of your cells. It is breathing in the air and savorar feelings of the body feel that are different every day. It is to let the body feel comfortable with racing and sweating. Dancing is one of the easiest ways to increase body satisfaction and exercise how you want to be yourself. The ideal self is always reliable. Listening to the delicate satisfaction of your body is the most important way to show your ideal in reality.


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