If only I could stop comparing myself to other people!

Create this image: You reset your work hours to apply for a party
in the classroom. You welcome your happy child hello as you
come. Then you see a table filled with lovely ceramic Dalmations,
beribboned and hand-painted for each child in the class by one child's

Try Now Another: Your alumni magazine contains a magical
former classmate's professional achievement. Unlike you,
she has not let the parent company slow down their professional advancement
bits. Her children, smiling next to her in the paper, seem to be 19459002.

If you're not ready, either a forum might drag you into a "comparison
trap." Maybe you've been there – when you measured yourself
against others with unpleasant results.

There is no work.

A comparison is a grown slope in a pit of jealousy, jealousy, anger or
feelings of inferiority and threat.

More fundamentally, comparisons fail to honor each person's uniqueness
in their lives. Just think of everything unique about you and
the way you have gone! The universe – or your higher power, if you have one – never asks you to be someone you think.

Fortunately, you can break down without comparison. Here are five simple
methods you can start using today:

1. Give you more demand.

This policy is proactive. Look inside, and give yourself credit for your
and positive personalities. You might even notice your
calendar reminders to pause and recognize your heart, intelligence, your imagination, and the integrity you bring to life along the way.

Start now: What can you give you credit for today?

2. Discuss your blessings.

This is another preventive technique to build your comparison of "immunity".
Noting all the blessings of your life can take
beyond seeing how others are blessed.

You may enjoy counting your blessings in a "gratitude calendar" or
reviewing the best part of the day as you fall asleep. You might even trust
your blessings before you leave the bed in the morning.

Give it an experiment. How many blessings can be considered in the next 60

The next three methods can help you when you have
"emergency comparison."

3. Exhale.

When you notice that you are with others,
draw your attention to your breathing. Then, on the spirit, let the comparison
leave your body with your breath. It's amazing how well-timed spirit
can make room for tranquility and perspective.

When you've blown away the comparison, you might ask yourself, "Is this
where I want to put my energy today?"

4. Recognized Loss.

The performance of others may indicate to you the goals you have set
. Perhaps you have rejected or even expressed hopes and dreams from earlier, simpler times in your life.

Be kind to you and take the time to acknowledge this loss. Create a
ritual or find another way to give your grief so that you can continue in healing.


Take a few deep cleansing spirits, let your body go out into the breath. Now, see if you can switch gratitude into

Practice this strategy by considering the "comparator" from the past – perhaps your new boyfriend or other unconventional
parent you meet in the nursery is a playground. Notice how
relaxes and heals the perspective of gratitude feet.

attend much more and more in your own life and value, you can
understand the comparative way far behind.

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