How to create a less exciting morning

Are the mornings complicated, annoying and stressful? They don't have to be. Just took some of these ideas to create a happier start to your day.

Some of the first ideas that come to mind about creating the minimum hours of the morning are that

* create a "lunch unit" (small lunch packs of food) and store them in your refrigerator for lunch

* Then pack your lunch before you need them

* Use Crockpot

* put up as much breakfast as you can the night before

* decide what you and your children will be the next day and make sure all things are dressed and promotional

* stop buying clothes that need to be stretched

But, just think a little bit more about larger systems for easier mornings. Because if you don't have it already …

Create a "charging pad"

What I call a launch is defined near the door you use most who captures everything you bring home, and what you will take with you next time you go. Installation pad could be a shelf, a small table, a laundry basket, a box, a small rug, a blanket square, a series of wall hooks or whatever works for you.

It is likely that you and your family members are dropping your things somewhere when I recommend that you formally define this place, define it as the start card (or whatever you want to call it) and aim to aim. It will be the person nominated at home for things that come and go.

When you bring things home, put them there, and then they won't move all night. This includes big things like bags in bags and backpacks and little things (in a dish or bowl) like cell phones, glasses, wallets and keys. Also, put things in there at night you plan to take with you the next time you go, and then you will have what you need when the time comes – without passing you.

Create and organize daily (if possible) "administrative hours"

We would like to spend time each day working through – to work out – the paper that comes our way so far . And I suggest that the ideal: Prioritize time every day to work out your paper. But if you can't get it every day, or if this announcement is just too addictive, try every other day, the third day or every week – but make a plan, schedule, and follow it. The choice, unassuming and simple, is that the magazine will stack up and possibly become overwhelming. (It may sound obvious, but it is surprising that some people know that paper does not go away if they do nothing about it.)

When you are ready to carry out your planned administration, do it as much as you do. you can. Put on a place you want, with all the supplies right next to you need to work out your paper. Put on some music if you like, and get a drink or snack if it helps. Then collect all the paper that needs to be processed – which if you see it daily, shouldn't be so demanding on a daily basis. This paper might come from (among other sources) your tickler file, in your box, mail, items you picked up during your day trip and what your family wave you.

Throw, recycle or clean as much as you can, as soon as you can. Invest the time to take a mailing list for good when you receive a mail that you don't want. Recycling is great, but the key is still there because you're still on the mailing list. So, take a few more minutes to write, email or call to get off the list permanently. It will (eventually) stop future chats from the mail, save a few trees and prevent mail from selling your name to other direct mailboxes causing only a big ugly snowball effect.

Also send items to family members or others if they are legally sent. Look at things if you can do them in less than two minutes. Record as needed (but be safe), right then at your administrative level. Don't store items in a "to file" file – just sign it up and do it with it! And if something is going to take more than two (or five or 10) minutes to complete, plan the time to do so. Proposed items tend to do so because they have been prioritized, but things that are not scheduled tend to not be done – it's just too easy to ignore them or assume you find them "sometime." Daily (or even frequent) administrative factors are not necessarily easy to commit to and schedule, but they survive because it will only be twice as much paper to work tomorrow. However, if you really can't fit a full meeting every day, you should at least suddenly scan your papers, take care of anything, and put something out of the pile you need tomorrow on your start card today.

How do your administrative pages help mornings ? By knowing that you have a timetable to work on the papers later, you can be sure that you plan rather than postpone it and it allows you to go in your day by knowing that the paper parts in your world are under control.

Review day and schedule for the morning

Whether you use paper or electronic organizer, at the end of each day, review everything you have planned for that day and ask yourself some questions: [19659002] * "I finished everything I had planned?"

If you did, you deserve big five and loud "Wahoo!" If you didn't, then this is very normal. Think why you didn't: did life conspire against you or had unrealistic expectations about how long things could take and how many you could achieve? Or almost did something happen but did not have the necessary tools or materials to make it happen?

If you didn't get everything done, reorganize those tasks for another day. But if you find one particular about continuing to move from day to day and week to week, say that you don't want to – or sometimes you don't how did it – and you're delaying . This may seem revolutionary, but just couldn't do it? It's not done now under your current system, so what if you accept that reality and decided not to do it at all – always? Or could you present it? Or conscientiously postpone the day when you will decide to do so? Or take a shortcut to make it happen soon, but still good enough?

For what you have achieved, ask yourself if they should be scheduled again tomorrow, next week or next month. In other words, are they recurring events or tasks that you need to plan automatically at certain intervals so you don't have to reinvest the bike every time they come up?

And finally, some events or tasks led to the follow-up that you need to take? Schedule them now.

* "What to click tomorrow?"

Look at what you have listed and view the chronology you need to do each. What is the most cost-effective sequence and route? Also consider how long it will take to do each role and consider whether you are realistic in your expectations. If you have too much on your album, you can also acknowledge it now, make changes to your schedule and release the inevitable stress and frustration you will go through tomorrow when you find that you can't do it all.

* "What supplies, materials or equipment will I need to make tomorrow's plans effective and efficient?"

When you have a timetable that you think can be realistic, check out each event and task and find out what you need to do with you to do what you need to do. Put all these items on the start card tonight. If something can not be put there overnight – cool your lunch or a magnificent volcano that dries in the cellar – then place a note there to remind you to take it with you this morning.

Create a "Travel"

Pink bag is an excellent example of "traveling" – containing, always and everywhere, everything you need to stress or worry about crying children. Use the same term for all types of activities you do on a regular basis: Hold up a tote or puff bag that you always keep so that you are ready to go to the gym, pool or yoga class; a child's musical play, a football game or a dance group; Community School; your office; or those committee meetings that require a lot of paperwork and binders.

If the bag has many items, keep a list of the list inside so you never forget stuff. Reset it as soon as you get home if you use – or use – something. That way, it will always be fully equipped and ready to go when you are. Finally, be sure to have a special bag for each activity – mixed material among them will be too complex – and store them in (or at least near) embossed cushions.

Good evening starts today. I read it sometime once and it is so true. The morning organizer in the morning is of great importance when it comes to tomorrow. You deserve kindler, gentle, easier to start the morning and you can achieve it.


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