How to beat addiction

Anything you add to your life that becomes very clumsy is addiction. This can be food, dress, cosmetics, smoking, alcohol or drugs. How to attach and become a slave to all of these? Are we methods to overcome these? Let us examine together.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a supplement that becomes the basis and drives our needs every day. We are forced to rely on the artificial state through which our bodies and minds pass. When bad practices are formed, it is very difficult to break them.

Who will be addicted and why do they get addicted?

We are somehow added to certain things. My friend buys a new car every year. It's an expensive addiction. Few others are attached to food. If you are a drug addict, your health may suffer from you. Others may be attached to the opposite sex in a very abnormal way and can spend their money on girls and gambling. Smoking, alcohol and drugs are life-threatening. There are several more who are dependent on work, entertainment, movies and drinks.

How is addiction different from the natural use of objects, materials and people?

Addiction is a desire. This condition will be programmed into the mind and difficult to destroy. Addiction, as opposed to natural congestion, is a life problem. Addicts expect to go through their condition more often than ordinary people. Furthermore, the root of the addiction is usually stress, anxiety, anxiety and lack of emotional support. Some of these might be due to parenting, the environment, and many genes.

How can addiction be genetic?

When you prevent certain types of material, you are actually treating your genetic behavior. Excessive abnormal use will program our genes to be in a certain way. You then send these behaviors down to your future generation. Likewise, even our own addiction could come from our ancestors.

Does that mean we have nothing but suffering?

The most important thing is to make a healthy routine. This could leave a beautiful habit that generates genes for our descendants. When this is set to alcohol, drugs, smoking and excess food, sex, etc., we are negatively programming our future generations. So be sure of your practices.

There are ways to overcome these genetic programs that hurt us. One way is to take meditation. This will restore your genes and help you and your descendants.

Want what kind of meditation help

Yes, at least positive habits will arise. This will calm your mind and help your personal and professional life. But for meditation, you need to clear your condition so that the transition is smooth and effective.

These facilities can be done by programming your subcontracting boxes around you with precise energy codes. These suppress and alter addictive genes. This will be a great bridge for clean drugs.


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