How do you communicate with yourself?

We are accustomed to thinking that communication is between people, we need to communicate in expressing our feelings, our ideas, creating bonds, good feelings, harmony, … and we all know that good communication is key in relationships, whether with spouses, friends, family, neighbors, businesses, …

In everything, good communication is the key to success.

But have you ever thought that you also need to have good communication with you as well? And this good communication with yourself determines your happiness and bad communication with yourself determines your unhappiness?

Yes, because we can have the whole money in the world and houses and cars and goods and communications. But if we do not have good relationships with ourselves, we may be very unhappy and cannot thank and be thankful for everything we have.

So, how can we make good relations with us?

First of all, you have to welcome yourself to who you are: you are wonderfully, wonderfully made, unique in riches, gifts and talents.

You have to be yourself and not try to be someone you are not, it would create internal discomfort.

How do you talk to yourself?

You might say, "I'm not talking to myself, I'm talking to people!" Yes, but what are you thinking and telling your head?

Compare yourself?

I think 99% of the population got PHD in "beat us up"!

Okay, so first of all about stopping doing it, starting to find good things in you, taking responsibility for all your weaknesses and doing something to change them, simply?

What about the beginning of asking yourself:

o Do I accept or welcome me?

o Am I evaluating who I am?

o Am I respecting myself?

o Do I love myself?

o Do I support myself?

And very important,

o Am I grateful for everything I have done and overcome and grace and simply to live and guard myself?

Do you know that the quality of your life legally depends on how you communicate with yourself?

You can literally make yourself happy or depressed.

It's about your thoughts about yourself, what you expect and the meaning you give to events, other people, and situations.

Your happiness also really depends on the meaning you give to events, conditions, people, because you can choose meaning that strengthens you or one that enables you. What goes in the head really determines your happiness or unhappiness. We have such power.

What about the next time you find yourself thinking about events you choose to expect the best?

And what about the next time you have a discussion with your spouse, you choose to give you an understanding of meaning, maybe review the situation, maybe ask yourself if you need to know more before you get a little irritability?

What about deciding that from this moment on, you would be happy?

And what about deciding that from this moment on you are going to make you feel good, very good?

Remember that you can choose your thoughts at any time, choose to strengthen yourself!


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