You have to learn how to reduce stress – why does he kill and you don't even know it

Once again another study shows that stress is deadly. If you don't already have enough reason to do something about it, do it now. Read more in this article.

Stress has long been thought to be harmful to your health and every year you can see more and more evidence of this.

For example, today, European Heart Journal doctors find that those who are very stressed have a 68 percent greater risk of having heart disease. Sounds like you?

But how can one focus on being bad for you?

Well first of all, if you are stressed then you are more likely to eat more good to get some happiness to counter stress, you also probably do less exercise too. This will give you more cholesterol in your blood and they will also give you a bigger stomach and this type of fat is well known for being associated with heart disease.

And stress can also affect you too. When stressed, your body releases cortisol into your bloodstream. In the wild, a horrific predatory animal would soon flush the cortisol from the system because it will run around and burn it up. But when you're at work and focused on this, it won't happen and it will be on your computer for a long time. This is also known to be bad for heart and blood vessels too.

But don't worry, if you decide to do something about it then you can definitely lower your risk in the future. I know it's hard to get stressed – you can't just stop working, but there are things you can do to "manage" stress.


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