The self-test is our default button

I always use the camouflage from a broken cart to show the following: If the self-esteem is damaged (core) then the wheel will look as it rolls down the street. Each speaker represents different aspects of our lives: family, finance, health, partners, etc.

In trying to explain to customers why she always pays off, not smart, less than … always going negative, I took the wheelbarrow and laid it flat and then said: "You always need to be anywhere but the present … like the little metal ball that drops randomly when the bike is turning, looking for a place to settle. If it's not your career, then your body, if it's not your body, it's your intelligence , but if it is not, it's yours.

It must be because every time you step in the light of reliability, you can only withstand the brightness for so long, because you do not recognize yourself as separate from adapting yourself that you learned as a child to survive your childhood. You could keep a mirror at those moments, you would be amazed at the face that works again.

You would ask: "Wh oh is that? "

This is part of your journey to review what was robbed of you. When children are not encouraged to be self, having their own feelings separate from their parents and older siblings, they make an adapted person to do not interfere with the animation and enforce care.

Children very early understand the understanding of making mum and dad happy or they think they will learn with older siblings who reject them. It's always about who has power at some point And it's almost never the younger child with direct power. Sometimes young children can have the power to be alone, the victim, the weak, so that they get all the attention and push the older ones to control themselves. I've heard from many older people siblings how their parents used to say to them: "Your sister needs a lot of attention, and you are so able to do that, so we have not worry about you. "

Ouch! Older children just need to get the sidelines. And often they feel guile or shame if they express their needs and wills; The sense of rights is broken apart.

It's time to claim your life, your needs and your personal information. It's all waiting for you, just around the corner … start holding commitments to yourself, as little as it may seem. Building self-esteem is one of the strengths to cure. You can not collect self-respect without independence.


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