The Law of Attraction Against the Law of Revenue

Certainly I have been considering which of these two laws are important at this time … The Law of Attraction or the Law of Revenue?

In fact, they are not opposed, but work together in harmony.

If you have spent the last isolation in total isolation, you are likely to have heard something about the LOA.

The basic premise LOA is like agreements like. In other words, situations you are experiencing in your life as a direct result of your prevailing thoughts, both consciously and unconsciously. That's why the law is at work at all times, regardless of your awareness or attention to it.

In 2006, a movie company entitled "The Secret" helped to break the law of attraction in general. Many newcomers used the words wrongly to interpret the content to mean that all you had to do to fulfill your desires would be to "ask" for something, emphasize it and ** POOF **, you are mysterious to get it!

… Make a wish!

Unfortunately, many (even you?) Have the validity of the law because they have not achieved measurable results from their initial attempts to apply terms in their lives.

But it's not your fault …

The problem is that you were not teaching anything about the law of reversibility. And without knowing this legislation, your results are likely to be poor, at best.

But it's likely you've never even heard of the law of reversal, right?

It's a little hard to describe, but when you get publicly "get it" your life can never be the same!

First, you must understand that all transformations of power are back. (Heat is an example of a transformation of value, such as electricity, or controlled imagination, and that is a cause-and-effect).

For example, if friction (transformation of value) can cause electricity, the principle of rotational power states that electricity can produce friction. Does that make sense?

To put it differently, if a physical fact can cause a psychological condition, it can create a physical fact in a spiritual condition.

And why does that matter? Well … think about the consequences …

If you knew exactly how you would feel if you were to realize your dream or goal and could repeat that emotion, mentally, physically and psychologically (managing your state of mind) then the law of reversal will automatically cause your goal to be realized. Meikar sens?

Your job is to absorb and maintain the precise emotion associated with your dream or goal to be met, until your dreams come true. And in order to maintain this feeling, you must live, move and remain in the state of faith

Believe that you already have or have what you want.

"Get it" yet?

Instead of just wishing and concentrating on what you want, I want you to forget the feeling of your dream that is fulfilled and then continue to practice experiencing this feeling until what you think to become your reality.

I love hearing how you use these songs to succeed! Please visit my blog or email me!

Until next, be creative!

J. Shoop

Your Visualization Coach TM


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