Teacher Stress – 5 stress lightening technology for teachers

With almost 90% of all teachers experiencing moderate stress, it is very important that teachers use stress-free technology to improve their career and health. While stress is evident in any work, teachers seem to withstand increased levels of stress due to their individual circumstances. Think about what a teacher needs to deal with today and the day out … high-grade tests, crowded classrooms, test tests, homework homework, classroom classes, administrative paperwork, meeting with parents, faculty meetings, faculty meetings, challenging students, angry parents, unsupportive community and the list continues …

Without using stress-free technology, teacher stress can be shown in many ways, including headache, back pain, frequent illness, heartburn, anger, impatience, depression, and insomnia. If not discussed, these impressions are likely to cause heart disease and hypertension. Stress can even damage memory and intellectual abilities.

What's worse is that teachers often do not know how to deal with their stress and there before it is not surprising that almost 50% of all teachers quit in the first five years.

Fortunately, there are many simple stresses that teachers can use to improve both their health and their career.

Here are five stress-free methods:

1. Get an exercise! Do not use the excuse for not having time. You have to make time. Make it part of your daily life. While it may be difficult at first, you will soon find yourself more energy and you will be much more efficient at work.

2. Learn to say no . This can be very difficult … especially as a new teacher. New teachers believe they have to say "yes" to everything in order to keep their jobs, but this can quickly lead to the burning of teachers.

3. Join the discussion groups / conference minister. There are many teachers in the Internet where teachers can not only ignore their dissatisfaction but also get real advice from real teachers who have experienced the same problems.

4. Think positive. Indeed, not only think positive thoughts, but in fact say that out loud. In the morning, or on the way to work, say positive things about your work, about your students, about your museums. You will be surprised at the effect of saying that this is alright on your Sabbath.

5. Cool down and take a break. Teachers tend to go straight through the day (and night) without interruption. This is unhealthy and only adds to stress. Make sure NOT to work for lunch Take the time to have a healthy meal and talk to colleagues about things other than school. In other words, allow you to take a mental break from work during the day. Also, by the end of the school day, list the day after day and then take ten minutes to relax and cool down with other stress-free methods like deep breathing exercises, stretching or visualization.


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