Journalling – How to reduce stress for a new year

Diary writing is an important tool for reducing stress. I hear you think, more writing, I don't have time, I lose things, and I will never watch a journal. Your immunity is valid, but writing or entering information and ideas reduces stress because thoughts are now on paper and not in your mind to regenerate again and again.

Reading legibly is soothing. Mind, eyes and hand actions, create relaxation and a sense of productivity and closure. These are all good responses. Action always relieves stress and fear, no matter how small the operation is. The action is an attempt to continue.

When you have allowed yourself to have the idea of ​​the calendar, next is where to write. You can use a computer, a special booklet from a bookstore, a loose binder, or whatever is comfortable or good. I recommend an 8×11 spiral explanation or a cheap bookstore because it encourages you to write more often and your thoughts are specific and focused. The computer is always a great place too; just remember to have a special folder for your calendar and I know you'll always have a calendar for different topics like I do.

When writing, it is also very important. Writing as a routine just before going to bed will clear your mind and prepare for sleep. You release your thoughts and ideas. Your mind had better things to make them cross the past. This past story is what adds to your stress.

Writing an idea when you just think it adds to your creativity, but it also removes it for you so you don't have to worry about downloading it later. I get a book with me all the time and copy information later when I get home or near my computer. You don't have to be a writer like me to put in your thoughts and inspiration. You are a creative person, we are all.

Your biggest thoughts or your simplest "aha" moments can be written down. There is no way to do this, it is the action that is important. Clearing your mind is the most important thing.

I have very creative ways to write in my magazines. I usually use a computer / laptop. I will use different fonts, different colors for the text. Sometimes fonts or colors change in the same paragraph, depending on my feelings or mood. You see this adds you to writing and guessing what you are the only one who sees in the diary why, so you can even use bad language. "Express yourself the way you want, this is the way to draw from stress!

If you choose to use pen and paper, try colored ink pens or even colors.

I know that when you start this habit of habit you will continue to enjoy being stress free and calm is great. 19659010]


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